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10.2.7 Insurance Requirement Contractors


To protect the university against liability assumed by contract, the following guidelines are established to avoid or reduce the university's exposure to loss. During the life of the contract, the contractor shall maintain the following types of insurance:

  1. General Requirements


  1. Comprehensive General Liability

Bodily Injury


$500,000 each person

$1,000,000 aggregate


Property Damage


$500,000 each occurrence

$1,000,000 aggregate





$2,000,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL)

  1. Fire Legal Liability



  1. Comprehensive Automobile Liability (including hired and non-owned vehicles)

Bodily Injury

$500,000 each person

$1,000,000 each accident

Property Damage

$ 500,000 each accident




$2,000,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL)

  1. Worker's Compensation (Employers Liability)


Statutory - Michigan $100,000



  1. Property-All Risk


In an amount sufficient to cover the total value of the contractor's property in the care, custody or control of Wayne State University.


  1. Maximum Acceptable Deductibles

Type of Insurance

Maximum Deductible

Comprehensive General Liability


Fire Legal Liability


Comprehensive Automobile Liability


Worker's Compensation


Property-All Risk

$ 500

  1. Coverages

    1. All liability policies must be written on an occurrence form of coverage.

    2. Comprehensive General Liability includes, but is not limited to: Consumption or use of products, existence of equipment or machines on location, and contractual obligations to customers.

    3. The Board of Governors, Wayne State University shall be named as an additional insured but only as respects to accidents arising out of said contract.

    4. The additional insured provision shall contain a cross liability clause as follows: "The insurance afforded applies separately to each insured against whose claim is made or suit is brought, except with respect to the limits of the company's liability."

  2. Certificates of Insurance

    1. Certificates of Insurance stating the minimum required coverages are to be forwarded to the Office of Risk Management to be verified and authenticated with the contractor's agent and/or insurance company.

    2. Certificates shall contain a statement from the insurer that, for this contract, the care, custody or control exclusion is waived.

    3. Certificates shall be issued by the contractor's insurance company on the industry accepted form (an ACORD form) or one containing the equivalent wording, and require giving WSU a thirty (30) day written notice of cancellation or material change prior to the normal expiration of coverage.

    4. Revised certificates must be forwarded to the Office of Risk Management thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of any insurance coverage listed on the original certificate.

  3. Specific Requirements

    1. Individual contracts may require coverages in addition to the minimum general requirement such as, business interruption and blanket fidelity insurance.

Exception to the insurance requirements are to be approved, in writing, by the Office of Risk Management. Exceptions are determined by the type and nature of the contract and the individual contractor.