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2.3.2 Emergency Purchase Orders


The Emergency Purchase Order (EPO) is used for the emergency acquisition of goods and services. Emergency Purchase Orders (purchase order class E) do not require a Banner Requisition from the Department. This method of purchase is not to be used for any capital equipment.


An EPO is generated by a Buyer when a pre-authorized individual from a department calls with an emergency need for goods and services.  The EPO is limited to a maximum of $1,000. This limitation can be waived by the Director of Purchasing or designee.  Funds are encumbered in Banner when the EPO is processed by the Buyer. The authorized individual is required to state the nature of the emergency and justify the emergency request.  Support documentation may be required.





  1. Designate individuals authorized to request an EPO, and state the account/index(s) to be charged.  Complete the EPO Authorization Memo and forward to the Director of Purchasing.  This form is available to download and print on the Purchasing website.

  2. Notify Purchasing immediately, in writing, of any changes to the EPO Authorization List.


  1. Verify employment and appropriate signatures.

  2. Authorize request and update Authorization List on the Purchasing website.


  1. Call an EPO Buyer to request an EPO (EPO Buyers are listed on the Purchasing website).


  1. Access Authorization List to verify individual has approval to request an EPO.

  2. Obtain all relevant information to complete EPO.

  3. Create and authorize the EPO in the Banner System.

  4. Advise authorized caller of EPO number.


  1. Contact vendor to place order and to confirm all terms and conditions of sale.

  2. Provide vendor with the EPO number to be used for invoicing/packing slips/ and all correspondence.

NOTE: If emergency equipment repairs, not covered by Facilities Planning and Management (see APPM section 5.2, Service Requests), are required outside of normal business hours:

    1. Contact the vendor directly to arrange for the emergency repair.

    2. The morning of the following business day, contact Purchasing for post- processing of an EPO.

  1. Upon delivery of goods or services, process a receiver in the Banner System.