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2.6.1 Amendments to Purchase Orders


Amendments or changes to all classes of awarded Purchase Orders (PO) are executed only by authorized Purchasing Personnel. It is not within the jurisdiction of the requisitioning department to formally contact a supplier and authorize contract changes.

If an existing Purchase Order must be altered for any reason, the Department must communicate the specific change by completing an online Change Order Request (COR) in the Banner system. Note that change orders for certain classes of PO's are not permitted. Refer to the Section 2.3 for PO Class details.

Please note:  A Purchase Order issued below $25,000 cannot be increased above $25,000 unless it has been competitively bid (See APPM 2.4).

A Purchase Order may be amended for a variety of reasons.  See the Purchasing website at www.purchasing.wayne.edu under "About Us / Amendment Team" for detailed instructions.   This page includes the following features:

  1. Steps to do an Amendment

  2. Un-allowable Amendments

  3. Standard Amendment Clauses

  4. Adding back Text that has been Deleted  

Prior to the approval of the PO Amendment, Purchasing may consult with the department.

Purchasing reserves the right to make amendments to awarded purchase orders when appropriate.





  1. Complete an online Banner Change Order Request (COR)  against the original PO.

    • NOTE: A Not-to-Exceed amount may be indicated. For multiple accounts, enter the amount in the FOAPAL section of the Banner PO.
  2. Verify budget balance available in Banner.

    1. If balance is not available, the change is NOT permitted.

    2. If balance is available, complete the COR in Banner, which routes the transaction through the department's established approval queue.

  3. Send any related support documentation to Dean/Director's Office for approval.

Dean/Director or designee

  1. Review and approve or deny online COR in the Banner system.

  2. COR will automatically route to appropriate department if purchase requires special approvals.  Otherwise, COR will route to the Purchasing approval queue.

Special Approval Department

  1. Review online COR for propriety.

  2. Approve or deny online COR.

    1. Approved CORs will automatically route to the Purchasing approval queue.

    2. If a COR is denied, Banner will send a message to the  originator, indicating the COR has been disapproved, with a brief explanation from the person who disapproved it.


  1. 1. Review request and, if appropriate, approve the online COR in the Banner system.

    1. If the COR is for an account number change and the PO was created using Document-level accounting, the COR must be disapproved, which will send a Banner message to Department.  Account number changes are not allowed under Document-level accounting.

    2.  If the COR is incorrect for any other reason or requires support documentation not readily available, the COR will be disapproved, which will send a Banner message to Department.

  2. 2. Upload any support documentation into Banner via WebXtender.