Wayne State University

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Policies-8 Annual Screenings (CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW)


The University requires certain employees to undergo an annual physical examination. These employees include, but are not limited to, Public Safety Officers, and employees who handle hazardous material or laboratory animals.




Employing Unit

  1. Schedule appointment at Employee Health Service (EHS).

  2. Complete top portion of Employee Health Services Referral, 10-2307.

  3. Send 10-2307 to employee with instructions to report to EHS at date and time of appointment.


  1. Report to EHS as instructed and present 10-2307.

Employee Health Service

  1. Report results of examination by sending white copy of 10-2307 to Employee Health Evaluation Section.

Employee Health Evaluation Section

  1. Notify employing unit if employee suffers from a condition which could affect employment.