Budget Distribution


This procedure follows the Budget Development procedure. Its purpose is to distribute the approved budget allocations at the beginning of the fiscal year, in order to provide spending authority to budgetary units in the amount allowed by the budget.





University Budget

  1. Prepare budget load instructions for new fiscal year, including all necessary forms for the upcoming fiscal year.

  2. Distribute budget load forms and instructions to Vice President.

Vice President

  1. Distribute package to Dean/Directors and Assistant Vice Presidents.

Dean/Director/ Assistant Vice President

  1. Review and complete budget load forms according to instructions.

  2. Submit forms to Vice President.

Vice President

  1. Forward completed forms to University Budget Office.

University Budget

  1. Review budget load forms submitted by the budgetary units to determine their accuracy in reflecting the approved budget.

  2. Process dollar amount allocation into the Financial Accounting System (FAS).