2.7.1 Appendix Unauthorized Purchase

The University Procurement Card may not be used for any of the following purchases:

Agency "9" accounts

The agency fund index (beginning with a "9") is a custodial holding account for other organizations. Money in this index does not belong to the university therefore PC purchases are not allowed on this account.

Bus Tickets

The purchase of bus tickets (or any transportation method) for student trips or bringing people to campus.

Capital Assets

Transactions in general, are limited to $2,000.00.  Exceptions are limited to high volume units.

Cash Advances

PCs may not be used to obtain ATM cash advances (blocked merchant).

Controlled Substances (Drugs)

Controlled Substances, which require approval of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, must be placed on a Banner Requisition.

Consultants or Professional Services

Payments for services such as legal, accounting, computer programming or any similar types of services performed by independent entities or contractors.


Any vendor contracts/agreements with terms and conditions and which by policy require approval by General Counsel and Purchasing (including maintenance, lease, rental agreement, etc.)


The purchase of flowers, plants, gift baskets, or any type of personal tribute.  Such transactions are also generally prohibited by university policy regardless of payment method.  See APPM section 1.3.1 for exclusions.


All food related items from any merchant.

Gift Certificates

Payments for employee recognition, gift certificates, etc.   There are certain exceptions for research subjects.  These exceptions must be fully documented and approved by the PCO in advance using the Gift Card Purchase Certification form.



Music Downloads (such as iTunes, etc.), movies, smart phone accessories, etc.


To add funds to a University OneCard.

Personal Items

Any goods/services deemed not reasonable or required by the university.  Personal purchases, of any kind, may not be made with a PC.  This includes personal entertainment items listed above.


Any item that contains the university logo or word mark (for advertisements placed with vendors that only accept credit cards as the payment method, send a request to http://mailto:procard@wayne.edu requesting an exception for the employment advertisement to be placed with the vendor  (See APPM 3.0.18).

Prior Invoices

The PC is intended for payment of current purchases only (payment on the date of purchase) and may not be used to pay for "old" or previous invoices.

Radioactive Materials

Live radioactive or hazardous materials.

Research Animals

Laboratory animals.

Security Systems

The acquisition of and/or installation of security systems.  These must be coordinated through the Wayne State University Public Safety.


All software except for individual use, single purpose software.  In such cases, the card holder is responsible for complete review of the associated license agreement.

Travel & Entertainment

Any travel-related purchase or rental is prohibited (e.g., hotel, motel, airline, train, bus, taxi, limousine, or cruise fare; car or boat rental; gasoline; road tolls of any kind; travel agency purchase; parking lot fees). Travel-related merchants have been blocked from accepting PCs.  Individuals can use the University Travel Card or their other personal credit cards for travel related expenditures. Refer to APPM section 7, Travel Expense Policies and Procedures.


Drinking water or associated equipment (i.e. Absopure)

Window Treatments

Window blinds, shades, curtains or draperies.

Wireless Devices or service plans

Beepers; pagers; cell phones; items that can be used as a cell phone (i.e. Blackberry, iPhone, Trio, etc.); peripherals; or any type of related service (see APPM Section

All purchases for the above, or for those whose value exceeds the PC transaction limit of $2,000, should be processed in accordance with all of the established university policies and procedures, including but not limited to, Purchasing, Section 2, Expense Guidelines, Section 1.3.1, or any other applicable policy of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM).

In the event a user is uncertain about a particular purchase being permissible using the PC, please contact the PCO at 577- 3708 or 577-3743 before vendor contact.