Verification of Employee s Health Condition Fitness to Work (CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW)


The university reserves the right to require an employee to provide medical documentation Physician's Report on Illness, 10-2305, and/or undergo a physical examination prior to returning to work if so required by contractual provisions or as deemed advisable by the administrative head of the unit or Human Resources

The university may require an employee to under go a physical examination in accordance with contractual provision or at any time that the administrative head of the unit or the appropriate University Personnel Officer deems such examination to be necessary. These situations may include, but are not limited to, the need to verify an illness being reported by an employee, and the need to determine an employee's ability to continue to perform his/her job.




Employing Unit

  1. Notify Employment Services that a physical examination is needed.

  2. Complete top section of Employee Health Services Referral, 10-2307, and send it to Employment Health Evaluation Section.

Employment Health Evaluation Section

  1. Schedule appointment with EHS.

  2. Notify employee of time and date to report to EHS for physical examination.

  3. Send 10-2307 to EHS.

  4. Receive results of examination from EHS and notify employee and unit of physical examination results.