7.2.2 Lodging (Revised 11-01-2017)

The university will pay actual room costs, as substantiated by the detailed accommodation receipt, for each day that lodging away from home is necessary for business reasons. Additional lodging costs, such as internet charges, meals, etc. charged to the hotel room, should be reflected separately on the Expense Report.

Travelers should choose convenient, safe, and reasonably-priced accommodations whenever practical. When attending a conference, travelers may stay at the conference hotel even if it is not the most economical option available.  Rooms can be guaranteed to the traveler's WSU Travel Card or other personal credit card. Travelers will not be reimbursed for "no show" charges unless extenuating circumstances occur and are adequately documented.

Many hotels have frequent guest programs that reward travelers with free accommodations in exchange for a specified number of paid room nights at the hotel. WSU will not reimburse travelers for the value of free accommodations used for business travel.

The university has negotiated special rates with several hotel companies. Please visit the WSU Travel Website to obtain the latest information (http://fisops.wayne.edu/travel) .