7.2.3 Car Rental (Revised 11-01-2017)

The use of a rental car should be justified as a business necessity. When traveling in groups, sharing of cars is encouraged to reduce costs. When renting a car, fuel costs will be reimbursed based upon actual fuel purchased, not mileage.

The university has negotiated a special rate with National/Enterprise. Please visit the WSU Travel Website to obtain the latest information (http://fisops.wayne.edu/travel).

A. Car Rental Insurance

For persons who own a vehicle with collision coverage on their insurance policy, collision damage insurance (sometimes referred to as CDW or LDW), personal accident insurance (PAI), and liability insurance supplement (LIS) should be declined when traveling within the United States. Generally, your personal auto insurance policy should extend coverage to rented vehicles. When traveling outside the United States, this coverage should be selected and is reimbursable. Some states and/or car rental agencies require travelers less than 25 years of age to obtain insurance. If the insurance is required, it is reimbursable.