8.15 McGregor Memorial Conference Center (REVISED 3/1/15)


McGregor Memorial Conference Center is a full service conference, banquet and catering operation offering limited audio visual services.  McGregor provides these services to both the university community and to groups/individuals external to the university including personal use by employees at their own expense.  McGregor (WSU Catering) is the designated caterer for all functions held on campus by university schools, colleges, divisions and units.  McGregor (WSU Catering) is responsible for the service of alcoholic beverages for all events held on university premises.  McGregor (WSU Catering) also assists in coordination of guest and visitor event parking (McGregor events only) and other event related needs including linens, table and equipment rental, flowers, etc.  


McGregor (WSU Catering) provides food, beverages and service for all events paid for with university funds (reference APPM 1.3.1) held on the university campus.  Where university funds are used, the requesting unit is responsible for assuring that the payment for such services is in compliance with university policies and procedures. Any payments declined by the university for noncompliance with policy/procedure become personal items for which reimbursement from university funds is prohibited. McGregor (WSU Catering) is the only approved provider  for the service of alcoholic beverages, and controls the service of alcohol at all events held in university buildings and  areas (reference  APPM section and  U.P. 2001-11).   Food, beverage and service arrangements for all events are made through the WSU Catering office.  All food and beverages served in McGregor must be provided by McGregor (WSU Catering).

Requests for food or beverages (catered events) outside of McGregor Conference Center from providers other than WSU Catering  must be approved, on an individual basis, by   McGregor (WSU Catering). Purchases of $200.00 or less of non-perishable snacks including chips, candy bars, soft drinks, donuts, cookies, cupcakes and sheet cakes are allowed.  Food that requires refrigeration or heat to maintain proper health regulation temperature is prohibited.  All food purchased/donated must be less than $200.00. The cost of donated foods can be estimated by the retail value of the items. Macomb Center and the Athletic campus are exempt from the above policy except for alcohol service.


Responsibility Action

Requesting Department

  1. Contact McGregor (WSU Catering)  as soon as possible, but not less than two full business weeks before the  event. 

  2. To plan and coordinate your event contact  McGregor (WSU Catering) by submitting an order through Catertrax (https://wayne.catertrax.com) or via phone at 7-2400. 

  3. Arrange menus, services and equipment by calling the McGregor Office or online via the Wayne State Catering site. Requests for events with less than two weeks notice are subject to approval by WSU Catering. 


McGregor (WSU Catering) Staff

  1. Allocate available space, products and services on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. After department submits order McGregor (WSU Catering) staff will respond to the request to confirm event and event details. 

Note to Customers: Custom menus and services are available by special arrangement with McGregor (WSU Catering).

Requesting Department

  1. Provide estimated count (the actual number of guests expected to attend the event) and the selected menu to the McGregor (WSU Catering)  no later than  two week before the event. 

    Note: After the estimated count is given to McGregor (WSU Catering), increases and decreases can be made up to three business days before the event. No changes in count may be made after three business days before the event. At three business days prior to the event the estimated number is considered the guaranteed number. All charges will be based on the guaranteed number or the amount of people served, whichever is greater.

  2. Submit or provide an IRB number for the room rental, food, beverages, services and equipment, based on the guarantee count.  IRB must be provided at the time of booking or confirmation.  McGregor cannot furnish products or services without an IRB.  Standing IRBs may be established for a given fiscal year, based on anticipated activities from year to year.

  3. Submit food waiver to McGregor (WSU Catering) no later than two weeks before the date of the event.

Note to Customers: As stated above, McGregor is the only authorized provider of catering services for the university.  Waivers may, on an individual basis, be granted to use outside caterers as determined by McGregor (WSU Catering).