February 2014 Policy Updates

Summary of key changes

Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual (APPM) Moving Expense (Revised policy as of 2/14/14)-Revised to reflect current mileage rate.

2.5 Personal Service Contracts (Revised policy as of 1/31/14)-Revised to separate the Personal Service Contracts (PSC) Checklist process from the PSC itself, and to have a Human Resources Consultant sign off on any PSC Checklist as an appropriate outsourced effort prior to the contracting process itself.

3.1 Position Postings (Revised policy as of 2/14/14)-Revised to alleviate duplication of rules outlined in UP 99-5. Procedures updated to reflect current business practices.

 3.0.12 Verification of Employment Eligibility (Revised as of 2/14/14)-Revised to reflect current processes for completion of Form I-9. Procedures updated to reflect current business practices.

 3.2.3 Temporary Employees (Revised as of 2/14/14)-Revised to include rules for student enrollment. Also revised to change when reminders will be sent to unit from "A reminder will be sent to units whose temporary employees have worked 900 or more hours." to 800 or more hours and clarify separation rules.

 10.4 Legal Services (Revoked as of 2/26/14)-This policy is obsolete as a result of changes in the University's current business practices for legal services.  Information regarding legal services can be accessed at generalcounsel.wayne.edu.

10.10 Access to University Administrative Systems (Revised as of 2/14/14)-Policy revised to reflect current business practices,update terms/definitions and system references.

 Personnel Manual for Non-represented Employees (NRM)

 1.1 Appointment Authority (Revised as of 2/14/14)-Revised for consistency with policy update APPM 3.2.3.

Please review these policies for applicability to your role with the University, by clicking on the above links above. 

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