02-2 Responsibility for WSU's Network Infrastructure

1.0  Purpose

1.1     The purpose of this University Policy is to assign responsibility for all aspects of designing, installing, managing and maintaining Wayne State University's network infrastructure and its core network services in order to provide an effective and cohesive network infrastructure for the entire University and the external users of University resources.

2.0  Definitions

2.1     For purposes of this university policy, the campus network infrastructure is defined as the inter-building and intra-building wired or wireless transport systems, and the electronic devices and communications protocols used to transport data, video and voice signals over the systems.

2.2     For purposes of this university policy, electronic devices are the specific components of the campus wide-area network that route and manage the transport of data, video and voice signals, and the interfaces or attachments to these devices from internal and external networks.

2.3     For purposes of this university policy, protocols are defined as rules or sets of rules and standards for establishing and controlling transmission between communicating devices.

2.4     For purposes of this university policy, core network services are basic online services including, but not limited to, directory services, domain naming services, electronic messaging including e-mail and voicemail, institutional file and web services, and access to the Internet.

3.0  General Policy Statements

3.1     Access to the campus network infrastructure is available to faculty, staff, students and external users of University resources, for business, educational, and professional purposes.

3.2     To maintain an orderly and well-managed data, video and voice communications network environment, the President assigns responsibility for the campus network infrastructure, the building and campus transport systems, devices, protocols and core network services to the Division of Computing and Information Technology(C&IT).

3.3     With the involvement of its users, C&IT is responsible for establishing standards for campus data, video and voice communications devices, software, protocols, network services, transport systems, and for local attachments to the campus infrastructure. C&IT publishes and distributes these standards and monitors compliance with them.

3.4     C&IT must be involved in initial and ongoing planning and budgeting for inter-building and intra-building data, video and voice communications projects in University-occupied buildings on and off campus. C&IT will work with Facilities Planning & Management and the Schools, Colleges and Departments to ensure that the appropriate individuals and departments participate in planning for these projects.

3.5     All transport systems and equipment that support inter-building and intra-building data, video and voice transmission will be specified, installed and maintained in a timely manner by C&IT or its subcontractors, regardless of how they are acquired or funded.

3.6     Units with individual workstations or local area networks that are attached to the network infrastructure as defined in Section 2.0 must comply with all standards governing such attachments, and are prohibited from tampering with or removing any component of the infrastructure.

4.0  4.0 Duration

4.1     This University Policy is revocable by the President at any time and without notice.

5.0  Effective Date

5.1     This University Policy is effective upon issuance.

5.2     Executive Order 96-3 is hereby revoked.



Signed by President Irvin D. Reid April 30, 2002.