6 Appendix - Hay and Non-represented Classifications

This section is currently under review for updates.


Executive Officers (Exempt)

Chief of Staff

Senior Administrative Officers (Exempt)

Vice President
Associate Vice President
Assistant Vice President

Directors Reporting to the President

General Counsel

Executive Director

Deputy Provost
Associate Provost

Secretary to the Board of Governors

Non-Academic Administrators (Exempt)

Coordinator I
Coordinator II
Coordinator III
Coordinator IV

Administrative Assistant Dean I
Administrative Assistant Dean II
Administrative Assistant Dean III
Administrative Assistant Dean IV
Administrative Assistant Dean V

Assistant Library Director I
Assistant Library Director II
Assistant Library Director III

Director, SBDC
Associate Director, SBDC
Assistant Director, SBDC
Curriculum Specialist, SBDC

Director I
Director II
Director III
Director IV

Associate Director I
Associate Director II
Associate Director III

Assistant Director I
Assistant Director II
Assistant Director III

EDP/Research Director I
EDP/Research Director II
EDP/Research Director III
EDP/Research Director IV

Library Director

EDP/Research Associate Director I
EDP/Research Associate Director II
EDP/Research Associate Director III

EDP/Research Assistant Director I
EDP/Research Assistant Director II
EDP/Research Assistant Director III

Program/Project Director I
Program/Project Director II
Program/Project Director III
Program/Project Director IV
Program/Project Director V

Manager I
Manager II
Manager III
Manager IV
Manager V

EDP Audit Manager

EDP Manager I
EDP Manager II
EDP Manager III
EDP Manager IV
EDP Manager V

Public Safety-Captain
Public Safety-Lieutenant
Public Safety-Sergeant

Supervisor I
Supervisor II
Supervisor III
Supervisor IV

Academic Administrators (Exempt)

Assistant Provost


Assistant Dean

Academic Director


Department Chair

Department/Division Head

Deputy Dean

Associate Dean

Associate Department Chair

Professional and Administrative Personnel (Exempt)

Accountant III

Administrative Assistant I

*Administrative Assistant III

Applications Specialist I
Applications Specialist II
Applications Specialist III
Applications Specialist IV

Architect Engineer I
Architect Engineer II
Architect Engineer III

Assistant General Counsel I
Assistant General Counsel II
Assistant General Counsel III

Associate General Counsel

Assistant General Manager, WDET

Assistant to Executive Officer/Dean/Director I
Assistant to Executive Officer/Dean/Director II
Assistant to Executive Officer/Dean/Director III
Assistant to Executive Officer/Dean/Director IV

Auditor I

Auditor II

Benefits Coordinator

*Budget Analyst I
Budget Analyst II
Budget Analyst III

Business Manager I
Business Manager II
Business Manager III
Business Manager IV

Clinical Social Worker I
Clinical Social Worker II

Computer Operators Shift Leader

Confidential Assistant II

Construction Estimator

Contract Administrator I
Contract Administrator II

Equal Opportunity Specialist

Program/Project Coordinator I
Program/Project Coordinator II
Program/Project Coordinator III
Program/Project Coordinator IV

Executive Assistant to President

General Manager, WDET

Governmental Affairs Officer

*Information Officer II
Information Officer IV

Information Systems Specialist I
Information Systems Specialist II

Landscape Architect

Office Technology Coordinator

Personnel Officer I
Personnel Officer II
Personnel Officer III

Project Scheduler

Risk Management Officer I
Risk Management Officer II

Secretary to President

Space Coordinator

Space Planner

Systems Security Specialist I
Systems Security Specialist II
Systems Security Specialist III

Training Specialist

General Service Support Personnel (Non-Exempt)

Accounting Assistant

Accounting Clerk

Benefits Clerk

Benefits Representative

Computer Operations Shift Leader

Construction Estimator

Executive Secretary

Medical Fee Billing Assistant

Office Services Clerk I
Office Services Clerk II
Office Services Clerk, Sr.

Office Supervisor I
Office Supervisor II

Peripheral Operator

Personnel Assistant I
Personnel Assistant II

Personnel Records Clerk I
Personnel Records Clerk II
Personnel Records Clerk III

Program Liaison I
Program Liaison III

Program Specialist

Secretary I
Secretary II
Secretary III
Secretary IV


Technical Specialist I

Technical Specialist II

Word Processing Trainer

Visiting, Part-Time Faculty and Instructional Assistant

Instructional Assistant

Part-Time Faculty

Visiting Assistant Professor
Visiting Associate Professor

Visiting Instructor
Visiting Lecturer
Visiting Professor
Professional Research Personnel

Research Assistant
Research Associate
Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist
Technicians (Exempt If Performing Professional Duties: Otherwise Non-Exempt)

Development Intern I
Development Intern II

On-Air Host

Additional Service Technician
Clerical Technician
Labor Technician
NR Clerical Technician
NR Professional Technician
Professional Technician
Research Technician
Service Technician
Voluntary Faculty

Adjunct, Clinical, Full-Time Affiliate,
Full-Time Affiliate (Clinical) or
Full-Time Affiliate (Research) with rank of:

Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Graduate Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistant I
Graduate Teaching Assistant II

Graduate Research Assistant I
Graduate Research Assistant II
Eligible for overtime

* P&A classification titles which are currently held by personnel assigned to designated areas which are excluded from having classification represented by the bargaining unit or P&A classification titles which are currently assigned to non-rep positions, and as a result of Hay implementation and union negotiations it has been agreed that at the time such positions becomes vacant, it will no longer be non-represented but will be represented by the bargaining unit.