Except where otherwise indicated, the policies described in this Manual apply to all persons employed by the University other than employees covered by a collective bargaining contract.

 The positions covered include the following personnel categories:

  •  Executive Officers
  • Senior Administrative Officers
  • Non-Academic Administrators
  • Academic Administrators
  • Professional and Administrative Personnel
  • Part-Time Faculty and Instructional Assistants
  • Visiting Faculty
  • Voluntary Faculty
  • Graduate Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants
  • Professional Research Personnel
  • General Service Support Personnel
  • Technicians

Position titles included in each of the above categories are listed in the Appendix (Section 6.0).

These policies represent a codification and clarification of policies within the University and establish the basic terms of your employment. We have designed this Manual to inform you of important policies which you will be expected to follow. Please take the time to read this Manual in order to familiarize yourself with its contents. We hope this Manual will better enable you to understand your responsibilities as an employee. If you have any questions about any University policy or about your benefits, please discuss them with your supervisor.

The Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance has been delegated responsibility for promulgating personnel policy for non-represented personnel within the University. These personnel policies may be changed at any time, with or without notice, but only by an official written statement, approved by the President. No other method of amending these personnel policies will be effective and no other individuals are authorized to amend or modify these policies.

All amendments shall apply to both new and continuing employees.

All policies are in compliance with Board of Governors Statutes and presidential Executive Orders. Upon request, copies of these Statutes and Executive Orders can be obtained from the Office of the Secretary of the Board of Governors and the senior divisional officers of your unit, respectively.