1.6 Security Clearance

Assignments in certain University positions require that employees meet established security clearance requirements, including fingerprinting

Security clearance is required as a condition of employment for personnel assigned in the following areas:

Facilities Planning and Management

Mail Room

Stock Room

Receiving Room

Cashier's Office

Public Safety Department

Parking-Transportation Services

Media Services Equipment Center

Investment Management Office

Internal Audit

McGregor Memorial Conference Center

Science Storerooms

Staff members serving in other areas who have responsibility for handling significant sums of money, or have on-the-job access to drugs and/or alcohol (as defined by the Federal Food and Drug Act), or have access to confidential information, may also be required to meet clearance requirements.

Persons joining the University or transferring into positions requiring security clearance will be notified in advance of such requirements. Security clearance investigations must be completed prior to the date of employment or transfer.