1.15 Consulting

The University recognizes that consulting may be a valuable form of community service which contributes to the professional development of administrative officials and serves to enhance the University's reputation and standing. It is for this reason that the University has adopted a policy that permits certain University officers and professional administrative personnel, as defined in WSUCA Section 2.27.01 and Executive Order 84-7 Consulting by Executive Officers, and spend up to one day (8.0 hours) in any work week in consulting activity. Administrators covered by this policy are required to limit consulting activity to eighteen work days per calendar year. Consulting service in excess of one business day in any week are to be charged against the staff member's accrued vacation.

University officers and professional-administrative personnel covered by the Statute and/or by Executive Order, who plan to enter into a consulting activity, are required to obtain approval from their unit administrator prior to rendering consulting services. Personnel rendering such services are expected to fully carry on the duties and responsibilities of their University assignments. Consulting assignments by University staff members must be free of any conflict of interest. Annual reporting of consulting activities is required.

Employees are referred to the Statute and Executive Order cited above for detailed regulations relating to consulting.