1.13 Performance Evaluation

A formal performance evaluation for all General Service Support staff is prepared following the end of a probationary or provisional status period.

An annual evaluation is prepared for all employees included in University's Merit Salary Review Program. Part-time Faculty, Instructional Assistants, and all classifications of Technician are not included in the University's Merit Salary Review Program.

Performance ratings give consideration to the quantity and quality of work accomplished, knowledge of work gained through experience, ability to plan work, success in cooperating and working effectively with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates, punctuality and attendance on the job, ability to make adjustments to new conditions or new and different assignments, care of University equipment, material, etc., and accuracy, thoroughness, dependability and related conditions of service.

University supervisory and administrative personnel are required to review with staff members questionable levels of performance as they occur and are directed to formally review the performance of each staff member under their direction as part of the Annual Merit Review Program.