Policy Creation and Update Process


The below processes are outlined to assist policy owners, co-owners and designees in the Policy creation and updating process, as well as, assist the WSU Policy Office in its overall policy management processes.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Wayne State University policies and procedures are updated, as appropriate, on an ongoing basis. This will assist in reducing enterprise risks associated with:

  1. Policy misinterpretation
  2. Non-compliance to University policies and procedures and/or  legal requirements
  3. Potential fines and penalties


Our process for policy updates are as follows:

  1. If a dean or equivalent officer wishes to implement policies within his/her School/College/Division by issuing supplemental administrative procedures that are not in conflict with policies detailed in the University Policy, Statutes or Administrative policies he/she may do so.  A copy of such procedures will be submitted to the president or his/her designee (Refer to University Policy 99-1).
  2. The following steps will be taken when submitting new/revised policies and requests for revoking existing policies:

New/Revised Policies


  1. Complete the Policy Proposal Template.
    1. Ensure that necessary feedback and/or approvals are obtained from key university constituents or groups, as appropriate.
  2. Draft new or revised policy
    1. For revised policies, track all changes and comments utilizing the “Tracked Changes and New Comment” features in MS Word.
  3. Submit Policy Proposal Template and proposed policy WSU Policy Office at wsupolicies@wayne.edu.

Policy Office

  1. Acknowledge receipt of the policy request.
  2. Assign review date to policy.
  3. Review and evaluate policy.
  4. If policy request is accepted, finalize the review process. Track all changes and/or comments utilizing the “Tracked Changes and New Comment” features in MS Word.
  5. Send proposed policy, whenever appropriate, to the Administrative Conference and the Council of Deans for review and discussion.
  6. Send final proposed policy, wherever appropriate, to the Executive Council.
  7. Obtain final approval.
  8. Communicate approved policy to policy owner and/or his/her designee.
  9. If edits are made to the new or revised policy, forward revised document to requesting party via email. 
  10. Communicate final policy to appropriate university personnel.

Revoked Policies


  1. Complete the Policy Proposal Template (ensure that appropriate signature is obtained)
  2. Submit proposed policy change and Policy Proposal Template to the WSU Policy Office at wsupolicies@wayne.edu for review and approval.

Policy Office

  1. Review to ensure that the policy change does not impact other Administrative Regulations or University policies.
  2. If a conflict exists, resolve with the requesting party.
  3. Communicate final decision to the requesting party.
  4. Update the applicable policy manual.
  5. Communicate policy change to the appropriate groups accordingly.