Finance and Business Operations

6.0 Finance and Business Operations Policies

Finance and Business Operations policies are listed below. Click on each one for details.  For additional information regarding Finance and Business Operations services, please click on this link

6.1 Accounts Receivable
6.2 Business & Auxiliary Operations
6.3 Cashier's Office
6.4 Disbursements
6.5 Facilities Management
6.6 General Accounting
6.7 Human Resources
6.8 Payroll
6.9 Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
6.10 Property Management
6.11 Risk Management

6.1 Accounts Receivable

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 1.6.1 Receivable - Student

APPM 1.6.2 Receivables - Employee

APPM 1.6.3 Receivables - External

6.2 Business & Auxiliary Operations

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

8.1 University Forms Management

8.1.1 Leadtime For Ordering Forms

8.1.2 Centrally-Funded Forms

8.1.3 Procurement of New Revised Forms

8.1.4 Procurement of Unrevised Forms

8.1.5 Distribution of Forms

8.1.6 Forms Inventory Maintenance

8.1.7 Forms Catalog

8.2 Vehicles Use Accidents Violations Maintenance Emergency Repairs Vehicle Body Repair Interior Cleanliness and Damage Use Accidents Violations Maintenance Emergency Repairs Vehicle Body Repair Interior Cleanliness and Damage

8.3 Addressing Service

8.4 Bookstore

8.4.1 Departmental Acquisitions Bookstore

8.4.2 Textbook Acquisitions

8.5 Equipment Rental Pool

8.5.1 Rental of Equipment

8.5.2 Receipt of Rental Equipment

8.5.3 Stolen Missing Rental Equipment

8.5.4 Off Campus Use of Rental Equipment

8.5.5 Return of Rental Equipment

8.5.6 Repair of Rental Equipment

8.5.7 Penalty

8.6 Vending Food Service

8.7 The Wayne State Housing Authority

8.8 Mail Service

8.9 Microfilm Service Bureau

8.10 Parking

8.10.1 Assigned Parking

8.10.2 Open Parking Multi Use Card One Time Use Card

8.10.3 Temporary Parking Permits

8.10.4 Violations

8.11 Duplicating Centers

8.11.1 Requesting Duplicating Services

8.11.2 Correction of Unsatisfactory Duplicating Services

8.12 Receiving and Shipping

8.13 Stores

8.14 Telephones

8.15 McGregor Memorial Conference Center

10.8 Kiosks and Bulletin Board Posting

6.3 Cashier's Office

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 1.7.1 Cash Collection & Depositing of University Funds

APPM 1.7.2 Receipt and Deposit of University Funds

APPM 1.7.3 Prior Approval Required to Collect University Funds

APPM 1.7.4 Internal Controls

APPM 1.7.5 Credit and Debit Card Transactions

APPM 1.7.6 Other Payment Methods

APPM 1.7 Appendix A

6.4 Disbursements

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 1.3 Payment Request

APPM 1.3.1 Expense Guidelines

APPM Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages

APPM Moving Expenses

APPM Moving Expenses Worksheet

APPM Expense Reimbursement for the Entertainment of Employees

APPM Wireless Communication Devices, Services and Business Call Reimbursement

APPM 1.3.2 Special Payment Authorization, (SPA) 10-102A

APPM 1.3.4 Fellowship (Stipend) Payments

APPM 1.3.6 Petty Cash

APPM Vendor Payments

APPM 1.4 Internal Billing

APPM 7.1 Travel Expense Policies and Procedures

APPM 7.2 Travel Expenses

APPM 7.2.2 Lodging

APPM 7.2.3 Car Rental

APPM 7.2.4 Meals

APPM 7.2.5 Conferences and Professional Meetings

APPM 7.2.6 Travel Insurance

APPM 7.2.7 Taxi and Other Local Transportation

APPM 7.2.8 Personal Automobile

APPM 7.2.9 University Vehicle

APPM 7.2.10 Telephone and Internet Charges

APPM 7.2.11 Miscellaneous Expenses

APPM 7.3 Spouse Partner Travel

APPM 7.4 Employee Recruitment

APPM 7.5 International Travel

APPM 7.6 Travel Advances

APPM 7.7 Submitting Travel Expense Reports

APPM 7.8 Approvals

6.5 Facilities Management

University Policies (i.e. policies issued by the president)

UP 04-3 Space Planning, Allocation, And Alteration

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 5.1 Space Planning Allocation and Alteration


APPM 5.2.1 Request For Maintenance Work

APPM 5.2.2 Request For Reimbursable Work

APPM 5.3 Campus Keys

APPM 5.3.1 New Key Issuance

APPM 5.3.2 Special Security Keying and Changes of Keying

APPM 5.3.3 Lost Keys

APPM 5.3.4 Transfer of Keys

APPM 5.3.5 Recovering Keys

APPM 5.4 Special Equipment Maintenance

APPM 5.4.1 Category A Equipment

APPM 5.4.2 Category B Equipment

APPM 5.5 Professional Service Consultants

APPM 5.5.1 Consultants for Architectural Engineering Services

APPM 5.5.2 Consultants for Architectural Engineering Services for Major Projects

6.6 General Accounting

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 1.1 Account Establishment

APPM 1.5.1 Monthly Accounting Reports

APPM 1.5.2 Final Reports

6.7 Human Resources

University Policies (i.e. policies issued by the president)

UP 09-1 Mandatory Immunization Records (Second Release)

UP 09-2 Tuberculosis Testing

UP 10-1 Wayne State University Policy and Procedure Regarding Research Misconduct

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)


APPM 3.3 Adjustments

APPM 3.3.1 Additional Service Assignment

APPM 3.3.2 Change In Assignment

APPM 3.3.4 Change In Title

APPM 3.3.5 Classification Non-Academic Positions

APPM 3.3.6 Leave Of Absence

APPM Assignment To LOA

APPM Return From LOA

APPM 3.3.7 Pay Rate Adjustment

APPM Promotion Non Academic

APPM Promotion Academic

APPM Position Classification Appeal Non Academic

APPM 3.3.9 Position Reclassification Non Academic

APPM 3.3.10 Renewal Of Appointment Academic

APPM Application And Assignment

APPM Return From Sabbatical

APPM Separation Non Academic

APPM Separation Academic

APPM 3.3.11 Retirement

APPM 3.3.12 Sabbatical Leave

APPM 3.3.13 Separation

APPM 3.3.15 Tenure

APPM 3.3.16 Transfer

APPM Transfer Non Academic

APPM Transfer Academic

Appointment Process

APPM 3.2 Appointment Process

APPM 3.2.1 Academic PositionsFaculty And Academic Staff

APPM 3.2.2 Non-Academic Positions

APPM 3.2.3 Temporary Employees

APPM 3.2.5 Volunteer Faculty

APPM 3.2.6 Student Assistants

APPM 3.2.7 College Work Study

APPM 3.2.8 Graduate Assistants

APPM 3.2.9 Early Retiree AAUP

APPM 3.2.10 Early Retiree Beneficiaries AAUP

APPM 3.2.14 University GF DF HAEmployees


APPM 3.4 Benefits

APPM 3.4.1 Tuition Assistance

APPM Tuition Reduction For Spouse Children

APPM 3.4.2 University Retirement Program

APPM 3.4.3 Cash In Place Of Medical Coverage

APPM Insurances Medical Dental Life Plan Changes

APPM Retirement Plan Changes

APPM Family and Medical Leave Act Definitions

APPM 3.4.5 Family and Medical Leave Act

APPM 10.9 Student Death Procedures

APPM 10.9.1 Employee, Family Member or Retiree Death Procedures

Employment - Personnel Actions

APPM 3.0.1 Approval Of Personnel Action

APPM 3.0.2 Non-Discrimination Affirmative Action

APPM Informal Complaints

APPM Formal Complaints

APPM Appeal

APPM 3.0.3 Family Employment

APPM 3.0.4 Sexual Harassment

APPM 3.0.5 Non-Academic Salary Administration

APPM 3.0.6 Collective Bargaining Agreements

APPM 3.0.7 Unemployment Compensation

APPM 3.0.8 Non-Academic Recruitment

APPM 3.0.9 Employment of Minors

APPM 3.0.10 Pre-Employment and Promotional Interviewing

APPM Background Checks

APPM 3.0.11 Attendance Standards

APPM Tardiness

APPM Absences

APPM 3.0.12 Verification of Employment Eligibility

APPM Verification of Employment Eligibility Bulletin

APPM 3.0.14 Staff Identification

APPM 3.0.16 Faculty Staff Health

APPM Pre-Employment Evaluation

APPM Verification of Employee s Health Condition Fitness to Work

APPM Annual Screenings

APPM 3.0.17 Student Health Verification Requirement

APPM Athletic And Upward Bound Eligibility

APPM Student Emergency Care For Injury And Illness

APPM 3.0.18 Employment Advertisements

APPM 3.0.19 Garnishments, Tax Levies, And Wage Assignments

APPM 3.0.20 University Service Credit

Position Posting

APPM 3.1 Position Posting

APPM 3.1.1 Academic Positions Faculty And Academic Staff

APPM 3.1.2 Other Academic Positions Non-General Fund Subsidy Condition

APPM 3.1.3 NonAcademic Positions

6.8 Payroll

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

4.0 Payroll Practices

4.0.1 Pay Periods, Pay Dates, And Paychecks

4.0.2 Payroll Withholding and Other Deductions

4.1 Exception Payroll

4.1.1 Time Exception Report

4.1.2 Overtime

4.1.3 Advance Vacation Pay

4.2 Positive Payroll

4.3 Payroll Verification

4.4 Salary Advance

4.5 Renewal of Personnel from Expired Grant Contract Account

6.9 Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

University Policies (i.e. policies issued by the president)

UP 04-6 Contract Signatories (Second Release)

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 2.1 General Guidelines

APPM 2.2 Initiating a Request

APPM 2.2.1 Special Approvals

APPM 2.2.2 General Requisitioning

APPM 2.3 The Purchase Order Process

APPM 2.3.1 General Purchase Order Process

APPM 2.3.2 Emergency Purchase Orders

APPM 2.3.3 Blanket Purchase Order

APPM 2.3.4. Contracts for Specialized Services with Organizations

APPM 2.4.1 Contracts

APPM 2.5 Personal Service Contracts

APPM 2.6.1 Amendments to Purchase Orders

APPM 2.6.2 Addendum to Contract

APPM 2.7 Procurement Card

APPM 2.7.1 Appendix Unauthorized Purchase

APPM 2.7.2 Forms

APPM 2.8 Debarment Policy on Non-Responsible Vendor in Procurement Transactions

APPM 2.9 Office Supply Direct Order System (OSDOS)

APPM 2.9.1 Appendix - Specific Unauthorized Purchases

APPM 2.9.2 Appendix 2 - Direct Order System Specific Suppliers

6.10 Property Management

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 6 Property and Capital Equipment

APPM 6.0.1 Equipment Control Policies

APPM 6.0.2 Definitions

APPM 6.1 Acquisition of Equipment

APPM 6.1.2 Enhancement of Capitalized Equipment

APPM 6.1.3 Equipment System Components

APPM 6.2 Use of Equipment

APPM 6.2.1 Personal Use of University Equipment

APPM 6.2.2 Off-Campus Use of University Equipment

APPM 6.3 Equipment Disposition

APPM 6.3.1 Disposal/Sale of Surplus and Scrapped Equipment

APPM 6.3.2 Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Equipment

APPM 6.3.3 Equipment Trade-In

APPM 6.4 Equipment Transfers

APPM 6.4.1 Equipment Relocated within University

APPM 6.4.2 Transfer of Equipment to Another Location

APPM 6.5 Tagging Guideline for Capitalized and Sponsor Owned Equipment

APPM 6.6 Physical Inventory

APPM 6.7 Policies and Procedures for Equipment Purchased with Federal and Certain Other Sponsored Funds

APPM 6 Appendix 1 Asset Types

APPM Appendix 2 Account Code Guidelines for Equipment Acquisitions

6.11 Risk Management

University Policies (i.e. policies issued by the president)

UP 02-7 University Risk Management Policy

Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM)

APPM 1.8 Investments - Long Term

APPM 10.2 Risk Management

APPM 10.2.1 Claims Administration

APPM 10.2.2 Claim Reporting

APPM 10.2.3 Risk Management Administration

APPM 10.2.4 Public Notary Appointments

APPM 10.2.5 Purchase Of Insurance

APPM 10.2.6 Self-Insurance Off Campus Computer Equipment

APPM 10.2.7 Insurance Requirement Contractors

APPM 10.2.8 Accident And Loss Prevention

APPM 10.2.9.A Occupational Injury and Illness

APPM 10.2.9.B Application for Mediation or Hearing