10.2.2 Claim Reporting


All incidents involving a hazardous event(s), theft, missing or damaged property, fire or bodily injury must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety (7-2222). Refer to APPM section 9.3.1, Crime Prevention/Enforcement.

Any department or person, receiving from an attorney, notice of an alleged incident, occurrence, demand or claim against the university, and/or its employees, (either written or verbally) must report same immediately to the Office of the General Counsel.

All claims, requests or demands for payment received by a department from an insurance company, should be referred to the Office of Risk Management.

Claims for damages to university buildings due to an insured peril, i.e. fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, smoke, explosion, vehicle, aircraft, vandalism or malicious mischief, should be reported to the Office of Risk Management. All other damages refer to APPM section 5.2.1, Request for Maintenance Work.

Repairs to university-owned vehicles damaged through the fault of the University driver, fire, theft, vandalism and glass breakage are the responsibility of the department to which the vehicle is assigned.




Department Sustaining Loss

  1. Report loss immediately to the Department of Public Safety (7-2222).

  2. In emergency cases notify the Fire Department and/or Emergency Medical Service directly, followed by a call to Public Safety. (Refer to APPM section 9.3.2, Emergencies.)

  3. Report all non-emergency incidents involving bodily injury regardless of how minor they appear.

    • Arrange to have ambulatory, non- emergency injured visitors and guests transported to either University Health Center or Detroit Receiving Hospital, at the judgment of WSU Department of Public Safety.

    • Report occupational injury and illness (University Employees) in accordance with APPM section 10.2.9 A, Occupational Injury and Illness.

    • Report student injuries as outlined in APPM section, Student Injuries.

  4. If loss involves university property owned by the Equipment Rental Pool, report loss as outlined in APPM section 8.5.3, Stolen/Missing Rental Equipment.

  5. If loss involves university property not owned by the Equipment Rental Pool, the Property Loss Notice, form 1408, must be completed.

  6. Contact ORM to acquire this form.

    • Complete form by entering all requested information including the WSU Police Report number which can be obtained from the Department of Public Safety (7-2222).

    • NOTE: The actual police report is not available to departments; the numbers, however, will be provided.

  7. Inform Property Office by completing the Asset Activity Transmittal (see APPM section 6.5, Asset Activity Transmittal).

  8. Report accidents involving University-owned or State-owned vehicles as outlined in APPM section 8.2, Vehicles.

Office of Risk Management

  1. Review claim documents to determine if loss is insurable.

  2. Advise the Office of the General Counsel and/or the university's insurance company as appropriate.

  3. Notify the department sustaining loss if the loss is covered and of the authorized settlement amount.

  4. Forward loss affidavit to department sustaining loss for signature and notarization.

Department Sustaining Loss

  1. Submit to ORM a completed Purchase Requisition (PR), form 107B, indicating:
  2. The total replacement cost .
  3. The amount authorized by ORM.
  4. The departmental account(s) charged the difference between the authorized settlement amount and the actual replacement cost.

Office of Risk Management

  1. Emboss appropriate insurance account authorization card and forward to Accounting.

  2. Review loss history and notify the department chairperson and the coordinator of preventive services if necessary, regarding measures to avoid, reduce or eliminate hazards or conditions causing loss.

  3. Authorize repairs or reimbursement for non- maintenance damages to university property as a result of an insurable occurrence.

  4. Forward record of occurrences to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

  5. Commence claim subrogation against responsible parties to recover payments made by the university when applicable.