10.1 Severe Weather Closure


Wayne State University will close when severe weather conditions compromise the safety of its students, faculty, and staff, both at the university and in transit to or from the university, and a transition to remote operations, according to the Remote Operations Policy (APPM Section 10.1.3), is not feasible.

NOTE: Designated Public Safety, Facilities Planning and Management, Computing & Information Technology personnel and other employees with certain research/animal care responsibilities must report for work, regardless of closure.



The closing of the university including classes and all other activities.

Afternoon/Evening Closure

When possible closure announcements will be made available by 1:00 P.M. to allow sufficient notice of the cancellation of classes and activities during evening hours. Evening classes cancelled are those beginning at 4:00 P.M. or later.

Early Morning Closure

When possible closure announcements will be made available by 6:00 a.m. to allow sufficient notice of the cancellation of classes and other university activities during normal business hours including evening hours.

Selective Closure

When the university is closed the extension centers are closed.  However, there may be instances where the university is open and because of severe weather conditions at the location of extension centers they will be closed.  In these cases, the associate vice president for educational outreach, is authorized to determine the status of off-campus centers and notify University Office of Public Relations.  Extension students should call their particular off-campus center to determine if classes are cancelled.

Notification of Media

During Early Morning or Daytime (afternoon/evening) closure, the Office of Public Relations will place an announcement on the University Newsline and, if warranted, PR Newswire.

Reliance on the University Newsline and the Office of Public Relations for morning and afternoon/evening announcements is intended as a deterrent to the placement of false closing announcements in the media by pranksters.


The vice president for finance and business operations determines the cancellation of classes and the continuance or discontinuance of university operations during severe weather conditions.  In his or her absence, this responsibility will be assumed by the senior vice president and provost or other University officials as necessary.  The vice president for finance and business operations may delegate the authority for closing the extension centers and other areas of the university as he/she deems appropriate.

Generally, the university may be closed when severe weather conditions exist. Severe weather could consist of excessive accumulation of snow during a single snow period and/or prediction of excessive accumulation of snow, and excessive or dangerous accumulation of ice.

Closure will be publicized through the WSU Homepage (http://www.wayne.edu/), WSU Academica (http://academica.wayne.edu/), WDET-FM (Public Radio 101.9) and by local radio and television stations.  A message will also be sent to registered cell phones and email addresses using Wayne State Alerts.