9.1 Vehicles on Campus Malls, Sidewalks and Lawns


Approval of campus mall, sidewalk, and lawn access involving motor vehicles must be secured from the Public Safety Department, and may be granted only to persons utilizing a vehicle on official university business or service. Approved vehicles must not be operated in excess of 5 m.p.h. Vehicles in violation are subject to ticketing and towing by the Public Safety Department, and employees utilizing vehicles contrary to policy are subject to disciplinary action.


In order to provide for the protection of pedestrians and to avoid unnecessary expense for campus maintenance, it is the policy of the university that motor vehicles are not permitted to be operated or parked on campus malls, sidewalks and lawns. The following vehicles may be operated on campus malls, sidewalks and lawns without special approval by the Public Safety Department:

  1. Emergency vehicles: Police, Fire, Medical...

  2. Approved vehicles for handicap use.

  3. Certain maintenance and operations vehicles.

  4. Snow removal and grass cutting equipment.





  1. Obtain authorization to operate vehicle on campus malls, sidewalks or lawns from the Officer in Charge, Public Safety Department.

Officer in Charge

  1. Approve legitimate requests.

  2. Record license plate number of vehicle authorized to operate on campus malls, sidewalks and lawns.