9.3 Safety and Security Devices


Wayne State University has established the Department of Public Safety for the purpose of providing law enforcement, safety and security services and for maintaining an environment suitable for the provision of higher education.


  1. Law - The Department of Public Safety enforces state laws and city ordinances.

  2. Traffic and Parking Control - The Department of Public Safety enforces the state code, city ordinances and Wayne State University ordinances pertaining to traffic movement or parking on the campus as well as city streets surrounding the university.

Safety and Security Services:

  1. Special Events on Campus - The Department of Public Safety will attempt to provide special attention or coverage for those events held on campus which by their nature require that special preventive measures be taken.

  2. Lost or Stolen Property - The Department of Public Safety will investigate the theft or disappearance of university or personal property taken from the premises of the university.

  3. Found Property - The Department of Public Safety will attempt to return identifiable found property to the rightful owner(s). Property received at the Department will be held for seven days and then turned over to the Lost and Found Office in the Student Center Building. If the owner has been notified, the property will be held for 30 days before release to lost and found.

  4. Escorts and Special Attention - The Department of Public Safety is not able to provide individual escorts for persons traversing the campus. To provide some coverage for these circumstances, the Department will respond, when possible, to a call requesting the presence of an Officer or Cadet in a particular area as a preventive measure.

  5. Security and Alarm Surveys - Security and alarm system surveys are available and are intended to review premises, property and personal protection levels and to provide recommendations for improvements.

Crime Prevention:

  1. Service is available 24 hours per day via patrolling police officers.

  2. Public Safety Cadets (Criminal Justice Students) also patrol the campus and buildings.

  3. Blue Light Telephones are located throughout the campus and parking structures for use in an emergency (7-2222) or for routine university calls.

  4. Crime Prevention oriented literature and lectures are available to students, staff and faculty.