9.3.1 Crime Prevention Enforcement


To assist in the prevention of crimes on campus and in the apprehension of those responsible for committing crimes, employees are to be alert and to notify Public Safety (7-2222) of persons acting in a suspicious manner, of missing or stolen property, and of conditions which jeopardize the safety or security of persons or property.




W.S.U. Employee/Student/Visitor

  1. Reports to Public Safety hazardous event(s), theft, missing property or a crime.

Public Safety

  1. Investigate report.

  2. Identify:

    1. Hazardous conditions and make appropriate arrangements for removal.

    2. Offender and arrest, detain, or otherwise deal appropriately with the person.

  3. Recover and return stolen or missing property to rightful owner(s).

    • NOTE: After seven (7) days property found and received at Public Safety is released to the Lost and Found Office in the Student Center.
  4. As appropriate, prepare case for submission to the criminal justice system through the Wayne County Prosecutors Office.