9.5 Security Clearance Warrant Check and Fingerprinting


The following documents the University policy and procedure for establishing security clearance on new/transferring employees who are to perform certain duties and/or work in defined areas.


Assignments in certain university positions require that employees meet established security clearance requirements, including fingerprinting. Security clearance is required as a condition of employment for all personnel (regular staff members as well as student employees) assigned in the following areas:

Accounting (Cashier's Office)

Internal Audit

Mail Room

Parking Services

Public Safety


Media Services Equipment Center

McGregor Memorial Conference Center

Science Storeroom/Liberal Arts

Facilities Planning and Management-

Grounds, Custodial, Building Operations, Storeroom

Central Stores

Staff members serving in other areas who have responsibility for handling significant sums of money, or have on-the-job access to drugs and/or alcohol as defined by the Federal Food and Drug Act, or have access to confidential information, may also be subject to security clearance requirements.

Persons joining the university or transferring into positions requiring security clearance are notified in advance of such requirements. Security clearance investigations are required for applicants who indicate a past criminal record on their employment application form prior to the date of placement with the university.

Security clearance procedures (warrant check and fingerprinting) are initiated prior to employment/transfer.




Employment Services (for Regular Staff and Technicians)/ Employing Unit

(for Student Assistants)

  1. Have candidate complete and sign top portion of Request for Background Investigation, 783.

  2. Contact Public Safety "Officer In Charge" to schedule fingerprinting.

  3. Refer candidate to Public Safety with form 783 and Fingerprint Verification, 1411.

Public Safety

  1. Complete warrant check and form 1411.

  2. Send candidate to Employment Services with copy of form 1411.

  3. Complete background investigation.

Employment Services

  1. Pending final security clearance, effect placement of Candidate if preliminary check is negative.

  2. Advise employing unit of security clearance findings.

NOTE: Placement of candidate will be delayed if preliminary security clearance reveals outstanding warrants.

Public Safety

  1. Receive record of arrests and convictions from appropriate agency.

  2. Prepare and route form 783 to Employment Services.

Employment Services

  1. Review completed form 783 for potential security questions.

  2. Advise employing unit of findings.

NOTE: Candidate may be removed from position if Background Investigation reveals information in conflict with that on the job application, or which casts doubt on the candidate's suitability for the position.