3.2.7 College Work Study


College Work Study

A form of student financial aid employment funded by the federal and/or state governments and subsidized by the university.


All college work study students must comply with APPM section 3.0.12, Verification of Employment Eligibility. College work study students are not to work more than twenty (20) hours per week during periods of enrollment (any date the University is officially open for classes or exams). The college work study student's earnings must not exceed the amount of the work study financial aid award.




Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (OSFA)

  1. Review student applications for financial aid and notify student of award via the Financial Aid Award Notification letter.


  1. Apply/reapply for financial aid on an annual basis by application deadline.

  2. Notify OSFA of award acceptance.

  3. Register with University Placement Services within 30 days from date of award letter or by October 1 of the current award year. Have award letter stamped and seek employment.

  4. Meet eligibility requirements specified by federal and state agencies.

  5. Report to:

    1. Human Resources, if citizen or lawful Permanent Resident, to complete Form I-9 process or

    2. International Services, with completed Verification of U.S. Non-Citizen Eligibility for Employment, form 1321. (See APPM section 3.0.12, Verification of Employment Eligibility.)

Employing Unit

  1. Complete Student On-Campus Employment Position Opening, form 1303, and send to University Placement Services.

  2. Review student's Financial Aid Award Notification letter for University Placement Services registration stamp indicating type of account (Federal, Graduate State, or Undergraduate State) and account number.

  3. Provide student desiring employment with the bulletin titled, Verification of Employment Eligibility, regarding the Form I-9 process. (See APPM section 3.0.12 Verification of Employment Eligibility.)

  4. Complete Personnel Assignment (PASS), form787, including pay level, classification code, attributes of the employing unit, and work study account number for employing department.

  5. Have student complete tax forms and Undergraduate/Graduate Student Assistant Personal Data form 703.

  6. Forward tax forms, PASS, and form 703 to University Placement Services.

  7. Monitor hours worked to assure that CWS student does not exceed the amount of the award and does not work more than twenty (20) hours per week.

  8. Terminate student's assignment via the PASS when award is exhausted.

University Placement

  1. Review PASS for hourly rate, account Services number, classification/level, and approval signatures.

  2. Verify that assignment is within guidelines.

  3. Forward PASS, tax forms, and form 703 to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter assignment into HRS.

  2. Send copy of PASS and tax forms to Payroll.

  3. Distribute copies of PASS.

  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), form 786,to Employing Unit for distribution to Student Assistant.