3.2.10 Early Retiree Beneficiaries AAUP


Early Retiree Beneficiary

The beneficiary of an AAUP Early Retiree, which may be one or more individuals or a legal entity, is entitled to receive the remaining AAUP Early Retirement income benefits as stipulated under the AAUP bargaining agreement.


To be eligible for benefits, the beneficiary must be named by the early retiree on the Nomination of Beneficiary form. If no beneficiary is named, payments due are made to the estate of the early retiree. If the beneficiary is not an individual, there may be a lump sum payment.




Benefits Administration

  1. Receive notification of the death of an early retiree.

  2. Obtain account number to charge from the unit that employed the early retiree.

  3. Prepare Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787, and send to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter into HRS.

  2. Send copies of PASS to Payroll and Benefits Administration.

  3. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), 10-786, to beneficiary.