3.2.5 Volunteer Faculty


Volunteer Faculty

Volunteer Faculty perform academic and professional services without salary from Wayne State University. Titles of positions for Volunteer Faculty are Adjunct, Clinical and Full-time Affiliate.


Volunteer appointees must have the same credentials and qualifications as persons appointed to the regular faculty of a comparable rank. The selection and nomination of volunteer faculty must follow the same procedures as the selection of regular faculty. This means review by the appropriate faculty committee as well as recommendations by chairperson and dean.




Initiating Unit

  1. Prepare pre-appointment packet containing:

    1. Appointment Authorization, 10-791.

    2. Curriculum Vitae.

    3. Letter of Offer.

    4. Chairman's letter of recommendation.

    5. Letters of recommendation.

  2. Send pre-appointment packet to Dean/Director.


  1. Review and sign 10-791 and Letter of Offer to indicate approval.

  2. Send to Provost's Office.


  1. Review and approve.

  2. Sign Letter of Offer.

  3. Return to initiating unit.

Initiating Unit

  1. Prepare Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787.

  2. Have candidate complete appointment packet which includes:

    1. Academic Personal Data, 10-716.

    2. Signed Letter of Offer.

    3. Transcript.

  3. Send appointment and pre-appointment packets to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter assignment into HRS.

  2. Distribute copies of PASS.

  3. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), 10-786, to Employing Unit for distribution to employee within ten (10) days.