3.2 Appointment Process


All university personnel appointments are made in accordance with Executive Orders 83-3, Approval of Personnel Actions, 85-2, Position Posting, and 85-4, Recommendation For Appointment of Faculty and Academic Staff.

The policies and procedures to hire an employee vary depending on the type of classification/job group and are documented in the following divisions by classification/job group.



The initial employment of an individual with the university or the return of an individual to university service following an absence in excess of three years.


A formerly employed individual returns to full or fractional-time regular university employment within three years of termination and qualifies for the following benefits:

  1. Prior eligible service is used to determine the vacation accrual rate and eligibility for the retirement and Long Term Disability programs.

  2. Illness bank remaining at the time of termination is reinstated.


An employee must have, or have applied for a United States Social Security number.

Individuals cannot begin work until a Health Questionnaire, form 2300, is submitted and approved (see APPM section 3.0.16, Faculty/Staff Health), and the Form I-9 process is complete (see APPM section 3.0.12, Verification Employment Eligibility.)

An employee or position may be charged to more than one account, however all new assignments must have a minimum of five percent distributed to each account/project involved.