3.2.9 Early Retiree AAUP


Tenured (or continuous service) individuals in AAUP represented positions between the ages of 60 and 69, inclusive, who voluntarily retire from active payroll are eligible for early retirement benefits (see AAUP contract for rules and payment formula).


Faculty or academic staff who voluntarily retire from the University with at least 90 days prior written notice are eligible for early retirement benefits. Persons on long-term disability leave are not eligible.

Employees who retire between the ages of 60 and 64 may participate in the medical insurance program with the usual university subsidy but are not entitled to any fringe benefits other than those available to other retirees.





  1. Calculate payment amount, start and end date.

  2. Send memo to University Budget Office specifying the current year cost and the annual cost.

  3. Initiate Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787, and send to Dean's Office.

  4. Prepare First/Last Day Notice, 10-618, and distribute copies to appropriate departments.

Dean's Office

  1. Review PASS.

  2. Enter proper account number to fund assignment.

  3. Sign and return Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787, to Provost.


  1. Review PASS and send to Human Resources

University Budget Office

  1. Decrease vacated position value by amount of early retirement benefit.

  2. In FAS, decrease faculty (1100) budget; increase non-academic (1800) budget.

Human Resources

  1. Enter assignment into HRS.

  2. Send copies of Personnel Assignment (PASS), 10-787, and send to Dean's Office.

  3. Distribute copies of PASS.

  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), 10-786, to Retiree.