3.2.2 Non-Academic Positions


Non-Academic Positions

Non-academic positions include all classifications except those defined as faculty and academic staff by Executive Orders 83-3, Approval of Personnel Actions and 85-4, Recommendation For Appointment of Faculty and Academic Staff.


Human Resources is solely authorized to act for the university in all matters of non-academic employment. No commitments as to employment, classification or pay rate may be made to a non-academic applicant by an administrator without prior approval by Human Resources.

Prior to employment, all applicants must undergo a formal employment process applicable to the position for which they are applying.




Employing Unit/

Human Resources

  1. Select final candidate from the Position Posting to which applicant responded (refer to APPM section 3.1, Position Posting).

  2. Determine starting salary and effective date.

Employing Unit

  1. For Management, Supervisory, Professional, and Administrative classifications only,

    1. Complete Appointment Authorization, 791, for affirmative action compliance documentation.

    2. Obtain signature of Dean/Director.

    • NOTE: ALL other classifications are not required to complete form 791, and report directly to Human Resources to complete required pre-employment documents, as detailed under next procedure paragraph for candidate.
  2. Send form 791 to Human Resources

Human Resources

  1. Review form 791 and send to Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO), along with appropriate documents.


  1. Review form 791 and notify Employing Unit and Human Resources of approval.

NOTE: Approval is assumed by default if notification is not received within three (3) working days.

Human Resources

  1. If appointment is "subject to the pleasure of the president or his/her designee,"

    1. Prepare Letter of Offer to be signed by the Vice President and the candidate.

    2. Route for signatures.

  2. Mail Letter of Offer to candidate.


  1. Report to Human Resources prior to starting work and complete the following:

    1. Employment Eligibility Verification, Form I-9.

    2. Tax cards.

    3. Benefit enrollment cards.

    4. Health Questionnaire, 2300,and/or Employee Health Service Referral, 2307.

    5. Picture Identification Card (refer to APPM section 3.0.14, Staff Identification).

Human Resources

  1. Prepare Personnel Assignment (PASS), 787.

  2. Send PASS to Employing Unit.

Employing Unit

  1. Review and sign PASS to indicate approval.

  2. Send original PASS to Dean/Director.


  1. Review and sign PASS to indicate approval.

  2. Return PASS to Human Resources.

  3. Prepare First/Last Day Notice, 618,and distribute copies to appropriate departments.

Human Resources

  1. Enter assignment into HRS.

  2. Send copy of PASS and tax cards to Payroll and a copy of PASS and benefit enrollment cards to Benefits Administration.

  3. Distribute copies of PASS.

  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), 786, to Employing Unit for distribution to employee.