3.0.14 Staff Identification (Revised 6/28/13)


Staff identification may be required for admission to or participation in various university programs, to use university facilities and services, or for entry to university buildings which require authorized access with a WSU OneCard that has been encoded by Public Safety.


WSU OneCards (hereafter referred to as 'OneCard') are issued to new salaried personnel by the OneCard-Parking Service Center. Employees must comply with terms and conditions as outlined at our OneCard terms.

Obtaining a OneCard

When obtaining a OneCard, an employee must bring photo identification and his/her HR Employee Verification form or an offer letter with his/her Banner ID and Access ID numbers included, from his/her department to the OneCard-Parking Service Center. These items are used to verify identity and employment. There is no charge for the initial OneCard.

Non-Salaried Personnel

Only upon the written explanation of necessity from the appropriate unit administrator, are personnel in the following classifications issued temporary OneCards:

  1. Instructional Assistant
  2. Religious Advisor
  3. Research Fellow
  4. Trainee
  5. Volunteer Faculty
  6. Other Volunteers

Activation Period

OneCards will remain valid until service with the university is terminated. OneCards are the property of Wayne State University and should be returned to the separating employee's business unit, on or before the employee's last day of employment (Refer to Transfer/Separation Checklist). If at that time, the separating employee is also a student, he/she must visit the OneCard-Parking Service Center to obtain his/her student OneCard at no charge.


Retirees are issued Retiree OneCards by the OneCard-Parking Service Center, upon retirement from the university. Individuals MUST complete retirement paperwork with the Total Compensation and Wellness department and be listed in the Human Resource System as a Retiree before he/she is able to obtain a Retiree OneCard. (Refer to APPM 3.3.11 Retirement)

Access to Buildings with Access Control Devices

Entry to areas secured with access control devices is restricted to an employee whose identification card has been encoded by Public Safety.

Public Safety encodes OneCards to permit access to exterior doors on university buildings after the employee has obtained authorization and approval from the appropriate Dean/Director or his/her designee via the Card Key ID Badge/Access Card Authorization form 1407, which can be obtained in the employee's business office.


OneCards are for personal use only and are not transferable. Unauthorized use of a OneCard is a serious offense which could lead to dismissal.

OneCards can be used as a debit card for a variety of campus services including, but not limited to, library checkout, copying, printing, vending, on and off-campus food vendor purchases, fitness center, bookstore, meal plans, and provides secure access into campus housing, parking and classroom buildings/labs. For a complete list of usages and services please refer to onecard.wayne.edu.

Replacement OneCards

Replacement OneCards are issued at no cost when an employee's data changes. Lost or Damaged OneCards can be replaced at a nominal cost. Please visit our replacement cards page for current replacement fee.

Lost OneCards

Lost OneCards must be reported immediately by the employee, to his/her supervisor or business office and to the OneCard-Parking Service Center to ensure that the OneCard can be deactivated. Public Safety MUST also be notified in those instances when the lost card has been encoded for use of access control devices.





  1. Attend new employee Faculty/Staff Orientation.
  2. Visit the OneCard-Parking Service Center to obtain a OneCard. Bring a photo ID (license, state ID or passport) along with your employment verification form or departmental offer letter which lists your banner ID and access ID.

OneCard-Parking Service Center

  1. Confirm identity & employment status.
  2. Review and approve OneCard application for processing.
  3. Issue staff OneCard to employee.

Employee (for access to building with access control devices)

  1. Obtain Card Key ID Badge/Access Card Authorization, form 1407, from department Business Office and complete required sections.
  2. Forward form 1407 to Dean/Director or designee for approval.

Dean/Director or designee

  1. Sign form 1407 to indicate approval for hours of access.
  2. Provide form 1407 to employee.


  1. Schedule appointment with Public Safety Records Section for card encoding and card use
  2. Training during business hours. Please contact 313-577-2222 for office hours.

Public Safety

  1. Encode magnetic stripe on employee's OneCard and assign 4 digit PIN to employee.


Lost Cards:

  1. Report lost encoded OneCards to the OneCard- Parking Service Center to ensure that the OneCard can be deactivated.
  2. Report lost encoded OneCards to the Public Safety Records section to ensure that the OneCard can be deactivated for usage of access control devices.

Non-Functioning Cards:

  1. Contact Public Safety Records section regarding any non-functioning OneCards. (i.e. if the encoded card does not allow access to building AND the required steps were used at a card reader.)

Damaged cards:

  1. Report damaged OneCards to the OneCard-Parking Service Center.
  2. Take OneCard to Public Safety for encoding.


  1. Collect OneCard from employee or designee upon the employee's termination.
  2. Initiate and forward copies of the cancellation memo to the OneCard-Parking Service Center and Public Safety. Attach returned OneCard to memo for deactivation and destruction at the OneCard- Parking Service Center.