3.0.3 Family Employment

(Ref.: Board of Governors Statute 2.50.02)


Position of Influence

An employee is considered to be in a position of influence if the person recommends the appointment or promotion, supervises the work or certifies the salary of another person.

The term "Position of Influence" is not limited to the upper levels of university administration but includes all levels of administration where these functions, or any one or more of them, in fact are performed. For example, a supervisor is an administrative superior with reference to those he/she recommends or supervises.

Immediate Family

Immediate Family includes spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters, step-children, step-parents, grand-children, grand-parents, and all of the above in-law.


Blood or marital relationship to other employees of the university is not regarded as a deterrent to appointment, reassignment or continuance in present position, except that members of the immediate family may not be employed where one is in a position of influence relative to the other.

This policy applies to all employees of the university but is not interpreted to abrogate contracts already made, either term or continuing.