3.0.20 University Service Credit

Administrative Responsibility:   Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


The purpose of this policy is to outline guidelines for service credit at Wayne State University.


This policy applies to all eligible university employees.


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The university grants service credit to eligible current employees and former eligible employees who return to the university.  Employees in benefited positions may receive service credit for all positions before and after any breaks in service, excluding the following positions:

  1.  Graduate Assistants
  2.  Part-Time Faculty

Changes after Separation

If any university policies, with respect to any benefits outlined in this policy, have changed since the date of separation, the new policy, rather than the policy at the time of separation, will be applied to the returning employee.

Returning employees may be required to serve a new probationary period at the University's discretion.  No employee has any right or entitlement to return to university employment after separating for any reason from university service.

Service Credit Calculations

Service credit calculations are based on an employee's complete months worked. (9) nine-month faculty assignments are equivalent to (1) one service year.

Benefits for Prior Service Credit

Former eligible employees who return to the university within (3) three years of their departure are eligible to:

1.     Have their vacation accrual rate determined according to prior years of service.

2.     Have their illness bank restored at the level in effect at the time of separation.

3.     Receive credit for earlier service toward eligibility for the university's 403(b) contributory retirement plan and the long-term disability (LTD) insurance plan.

4.     Receive credit toward eligibility for retirement from the university.

5.    Vacation time is accrued from the first full pay period following the employee's return date and may be used immediately. Illness time may be used immediately upon restoration.

Former eligible employees who return to the university within (5) five years of their departure are eligible to receive credit toward vesting under the 403(b) Retirement Plan.


If the employee held more than one position in the previous (3) three years, the most recent position that he/she occupied prior to his/her departure from the university will be used to determine the calculations for the above-listed policy items 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6.





  1. Contact Human Resources for questions regarding service credit.
  2. Contact the Total Compensation and Wellness department for questions regarding service credit for retirement eligibility.


Human Resources/Total Compensation and Wellness

  1. Verify service years.
  2. Communicate service credit or retirement eligibility to employees.




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Effective Date: 6/28/2013

Revised Date: 9/19/2022

Reviewed Date: 9/19/2022

To be reviewed, at minimum, every three years and/or revised as needed by:  Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Next Review By Date: 9/18/2025


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