8.4.1 Departmental Acquisitions Bookstore


Departments must obtain services using one of three methods:

  1. Standing Transaction - Submit a Requisition For Stock Office Supplies, form 108B, and an Internal Requisition and Inter-Account Bill (IRB), form 108A (refer to APPM section 1.4, Internal Billing), listing required items;

  2. Single Transaction - Submit one-time charges on an IRB, listing required items;

  3. Petty Cash Voucher, form 109 (refer to APPM section 1.3, Payment Request).

Students, faculty and staff may purchase personal items via cash, personal check, Master Card or Visa Card. Personal items are not to be charged against university accounts using an IRB.




User Department

  1. Submit form 108B and/or IRB for required purchases for processing.


  1. Determine that order is properly completed and has authorizing signatures.

  2. Process order.

  3. Schedule pick-up/delivery.

User Department

  1. Ascertain that order is complete or accurate; if not,

  2. Contact Bookstore for resolution of problem.


  1. Identify and rectify problem.

  2. Reschedule pick-up/delivery.