1.3 Payment Request


Most payment requests not covered by a Purchase Requisition (PR), 10-107B and a Purchase Order (PO), 10-110A, can be processed with a Special Payment Authorization (SPA), 10-102A, or a Contract Payment Authorization (CPA), 10-104.

The types of payment requests requiring a SPA, listed by function, are:

General Services:

  • Postage Replenishment

  • Telephone Bill

  • Utility Bill

Payments to Individuals:

  • Entertainment and Business Expenses

  • Honorarium

  • Prize or Award

  • Royalty

  • Salary Advance

  • Referees and Officials

Payments to Students:

  • Scholarships

  • Student Loan

Business and Finance Services:

  • Debt Service

  • Employee Benefits

  • Employee Bond Refund

  • Reissue Unclaimed or Canceled Checks

  • Taxes Payable

  • Union Dues


  • Agency Fund Withdrawal

  • Conference Registration Fees (with AAR Attached)

  • Membership Dues

  • Petty Cash Establishment

  • Refund to Trusteeship

  • Rent (Up to 3 days but $1,000 or less)

  • Subscriptions

  • Non-recurring Goods or Services Under $200.00

The types of payment requests requiring a CPA are:

  • Athletic, Intercollegiate (except amounts for referees and officials)

  • Capital Outlay

  • Alterations - over $100,000

  • Alterations - under $100,000

  • Construction of new facilities Plannings

  • Independent contractors, personal services (consultants)

  • Outside Legal Counsel

  • Publishing Contracts

  • Printing, Binding and Typesetting

  • Rent

  • Banqueting Arrangements

  • Rental of Rooms for Classes or Conference (for more than three days and/or in excess of $1,000)

  • Salary Reimbursement Agreements

  • Students Events artists, speakers, performers, rental of facilities (include exhibit and equipment), printing of student publications

The payment requests which follow different procedures include: