3.4.2 University Retirement Program


The university's Retirement Program, funded through contributions made by participating staff members and the institution, is comprised of individually-owned annuities issued by the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA)-College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF) or mutual funds offered by Fidelity Investment.

Participation for eligible personnel in the university Retirement Program is voluntary, with the staff member contributing a minimum amount equal to 5% of his/her annual salary (including overtime) and the university contributing an amount equal to 10% of the participating employee's annual salary (including overtime). Staff members wishing to contribute more than the minimum amount should contact Benefits Administration for their maximum allowable contribution. Staff members who are not eligible for the university's contribution to the retirement program because of age or service requirements may participate through payroll deduction without a contribution from the university. Individuals classified as Student Assistants or Graduate Assistants are not eligible to participate under any circumstance. Contributions for summer school service by instructional faculty members with university (Academic) year assignments may be continued at the staff member's option.


University staff members serving half-time or more who have attained the age of 26 and have two years of university service are eligible to participate in the university's Retirement Program with the following exceptions:

  1. Participation in Fidelity Investment is limited to non represented employees and those represented by AAUP.

  2. Staff members represented by the following bargaining units are not eligible to participate in the University Retirement Program:

  3. Greater Detroit Building and Construction Trades Council.

  4. Local 24 - Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees.

The employee must complete the applicable forms for inclusion in the university Retirement Program, (i.e., Fidelity Investment Account Application form, TIAA/CREF Account Application form, Tax Deferred Salary Agreement - TIAA/CREF and Fidelity, form 742A, or Tax Deferred Salary Agreement - TIAA/CREF Only, form 742B, and Verification of Prior Service/Retirement Eligibility Inclusion Determination, form 750, if applicable.

Prior eligible service with any other institution of higher education or organization eligible to offer 403(b) contracts to its employees, completed by a person within three years of joining the University, is credited toward the service requirement.




Benefits Administration

  1. Send enrollment material to employee who has become eligible.


  1. Complete forms and return to Benefits Administration.

Benefit Administration

  1. Enter data into HRS.

  2. Distribute Notice of Staff Benefits Change, form 785, to Payroll and employee.