3.4.6 Jury and Court Duty (New as of 11/2/15)


The purpose of this policy is to outline the university's policy and procedures for reporting of jury and court duty.


The university staff member summoned for jury duty or subpoenaed to appear in court is eligible to receive regular continued earnings during the period served, provided he/she submits to the university, fees paid by the courts.

The staff  member may charge any of his/her jury duty  or court service time  as vacation and  retain court fees, rather than arranging for regular continued university earnings. Such hours should be recorded on the employee's Web Time Entry using earnings Code VC-Vacation (for hours recorded during the given reporting period) or LVC-Late Vacation, for hours recorded late via the Late Exempt/Non-Exempt Time/Exception Report.

To arrange for regular continued university earnings, the staff member should bring his/her summons or subpoena to the Employee Resource Center (ERC), sign the provided Jurist Fee Affidavit Form, and deliver a copy of the court check(s) to the ERC, when court service is concluded.

If a staff member is excused from court appearance for any work day(s) during the period of court duty, he/she is to report to his/her regular university assignment.

Provisions of this policy are not applicable to the staff member who is a principal in the proceeding (e.g. plaintiff, defendant, appellant, claimant, etc.), nor are they applicable if the university is a party to the proceedings.





  1. Complete Jurist Fee Affidavit Form.
  2. Submit a copy of the court check(s) and the affidavit form to Human Resources at 5700 Cass Avenue, Suite 3638.
  3. If you wish to keep the mileage portion of the check, attach a copy of the check stub or a court document stating the mileage given.

HR Employee Resource Center

  1. Review completed Jurist Fee Affidavit Form, copy of jury duty check and mileage documentation (if applicable).
  2. Verify accuracy of timesheet coding.
  3. Verify mileage amount to be excluded, if applicable.
  4. Email the Payroll department to request processing of the employee deduction(s).
  5. Communicate processing timeline to the employee.
  6. Retain copies of the Jurist Fee Affidavit Form, jury duty check and mileage documentation for departmental records accordingly.


  1. Ensure that employee reports jury duty or court services time correctly on his/her Web Time Entry.
  2. Approve Web Time Entry accordingly.


  1. Review documentation provided by the HR Employee Resource Center.
  2. Enter employee deduction in system.
  3. Retain documentation in departmental records accordingly.


This policy applies to employees with appointment percentages of .50 and above. Collective Bargaining members should refer to the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).