5.5.2 Consultants for Architectural Engineering Services for Major Projects


Professional Service Consultants for major University projects are selected by an Ad Hoc committee composed of Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) staff members, central administration, and faculty chosen from the college and/or department that will be using the new or renovated facilities. The Ad Hoc Committee is chaired by the associate vice president for FPM.





  1. Publish an advertisement on two separate dates in Michigan Contractor and Builder describing the project and method of applying.

  2. Send Questionnaire for Architectural and Engineering Services to firm(s) applying.

  3. Forward response(s) from firm(s) to Ad Hoc Committee.

Ad Hoc Committee

  1. Evaluate responses to Questionnaire for Architectural and Engineering Services.

  2. Select candidate(s) for interview.

  3. Forward recommendation to President, WSU.

President, WSU

  1. Review recommendations from committee.

  2. Forward preference to FPM.


  1. If a capital outlay appropriation,

  2. Advise State's Department of Management and Budget of WSU recommendation.

  3. Prepare contract following State's approval of schematic and preliminary documents.

  4. Obtain Professional Service Consultant's signature on documentation and contract performance phases.

  5. If university funded,

  • Prepare contract for all phases of project.
  • Obtain Professional Service Consultant's signature.
  • Forward to vice president for finance and business operations, for approval.

Note: If project is in excess of $500,000, a Use & Financing Statement and State approval are required.

Vice President for Finance and Business Operations

  1. Sign contract.

  2. Return to FPM.


  1. Forward contract to Professional Service Consultant.