5.4 Special Equipment Maintenance


This section defines the departmental financial responsibilities for maintenance costs for special research equipment.


Category 'A' Equipment

Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) administers partial funding of eighty percent (80%) for the maintenance costs for special research equipment. The school/college/institute provides the remaining twenty percent (20%) for the following items:

  1. Cold rooms and environmental chambers.

  2. Radioactive and bio-hazard hood maintenance, including filters and filter changing.

  3. Centralized distilled and reverse osmosis water systems.

  4. Specialized filters, e.g., HEPA filters and absolute filters (any high efficiency filter over 90% efficient).

Category 'B' Equipment

The school/college/institute is responsible for the cost of equipment maintenance for equipment not listed in Category 'A'. Academic units can request support from the vice president for research or the vice president for finance and business operations for items not listed above. FPM Plant Operations and Maintenance Department investigates a service problem when requested, but only minor adjustments are made.

Examples of Category 'B' Equipment:

  1. Specialized cooling systems, including body coolers, super-conducting magnet and electron microscope and laser cooling systems.

  2. Autoclaves, sterilizers, glass and bottle washers and dryers.

  3. Animal cage washers.

  4. Kitchen and cafeteria equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, ovens, food coolers, stoves, ranges, dishwashers.

  5. Laundry facilities, including washers and dryers.

  6. Special equipment for environmental control of computer rooms, clean rooms, and emergency power equipment.


Although the care of major mechanical systems is covered under general university maintenance by FPM, routine maintenance and repair of specialized equipment is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI), department and/or college.