5.3 Campus Keys


In coordination with campus departments and the Department of Public Safety, Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) will issue campus keys. The control of campus keys is to ensure the safety of university personnel, visitors and property, as well as, to provide reasonable convenience to departments occupying W.S.U. buildings and facilities.

Facilities under the jurisdiction of the WSU Housing Authority are excluded from the following policy and procedures on campus keys.

To assure access to all work, study, or research areas by only such personnel as authorized by the President or his/her delegated authority, a list of all authorized persons issued keys and the corresponding key numbers will be maintained.


Campus Keys

Keys which open campus buildings, facilities, and internal doors therein.

Key-Control Management

The person in the Office of Facilities Planning and Manager who will manage the campus keying systems and be responsible for issuing, and recovering keys in accordance with these guidelines.

Key Request (10-3503)

A document with instructions which is signed by each individual to whom a key is issued. This record will indicate which department will be charged for keys/locks.