5.3.1 New Key Issuance


After approval by the appropriate officer indicated below, requests for a key will be reviewed by the Key-Control Manager. Requests of questionable eligibility will be forwarded to Assistant Vice President for Facilities Planning and Management for approval.

The following identifies each key level and those authorized to be key recipients of the level.

Access Key

The highest level key on campus, will operate all groups of locks under different Building Masters.

Assignee: Police and maintenance personnel.

Master Key (sub-master)

Will operate one group of locks, with individual keys within a building.

Assignee: Dean/Director (or Designee),for those areas under their jurisdiction.

Individual Key

Will operate one lock, or two or more locks keyed alike.

Assignee: Employees are entitled to keys upon approval of the Dean/Director (or Designee).

Building Entrance Key

Assignee: Employees who must work other than normally scheduled hours may be issued a building entrance key upon authorization of the Dean/Director (or Designee).

Key for Students

Assignee: Permission must be obtained from Dean/Director (or Designee).

Special Security Key

Assignee: Permission must be obtained from the Assistant Vice President of Facilities Planning and Management (see APPM section 5.3.2, Special Security Keying and Changes of Keying).




Dean/Director (or Designee)

  1. Prepare Key Request, 10-3503, for issuance of keys or lock changes.

  2. Attach completed Internal Requisition and Inter- Account Bill (IRB), 10-108A, to request.

  3. Submit approved request and IRB to FPM's Key Control Manager.

Key Control Manager

  1. Review key issuance or lock changes request.

  2. Fabricate and issue key or authorize lock change.

  3. Notify recipient to pick up key.

Key Recipient

  1. Bring departmental copy of 10-3503 to Key Control Manager to pick up key.

  2. Sign acknowledgment when key is picked up.

  3. Retain Key Recipient copy as acknowledgment of receipt.

Key Control Manager

  1. Acquire signature of recipient on 10-3503 when key is issued.

  2. Distribute parts of 10-3503 as indicated.