5.3.3 Lost Keys


The key recipient must immediately report the loss or theft of a key to the Dean/Director (or Designee). The replacement cost of the key will be charged to the account designated by the Dean/Director.




Key Recipient (or Designee)

  1. Report loss or theft to Dean/Director immediately.

Dean/Director (or Designee)

  1. Report loss or theft of keys to Public Safety.

  2. Prepare Key Request, 10-3503, for reissuance.

  3. Forward to Key Control Manager.

Public Safety

  1. Report loss or theft of keys to Key Control Manager.

Key Control

  1. Document key record with loss/theft of key, date, Manager key number and key holder's name.

  2. Consult with Dean/Director and Public Safety on need to rekey area.

  3. Process 10-3503 and issue replacement key to key recipient.