5.2 Service Requests


Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of buildings, grounds and other physical facilities of the university.


Maintenance Work

Repairs or replacements to the basic structure or operating systems of a building to prevent deterioration or restore proper functioning.


  1. Repairs to plumbing, electrical, heating and lighting systems.

  2. Light bulb replacement.

  3. Repairs to floors, walls, or ceiling.

  4. Moves, such as the following:

a. Due to reassignment.

b. Replacement of classroom furniture.

Reimbursable Work

Services performed by FPM or contracted with outside vendors that do not constitute building maintenance (see APPM section 5.2.1, Request for Maintenance Work). These are requested by the department and costs are charged to the departmental account.


  1. Installation and maintenance of departmental equipment.

  2. Minor alterations and modifications such as shelves, providing additional electrical outlets, new keys and/or locks, installing carpeting, specially scheduled painting, new air conditioning, repairs to furniture, drapes and blinds.

  3. Moving furniture, equipment, props, musical instruments, etc., from one location to another.

  4. Moving furniture within a department, including moves resulting from reimbursable requests for painting, carpet replacement, etc.

  5. Moving heavy deliveries.

  6. Delivery of requested stock withdrawals from FPM storeroom.

  7. Special light bulbs or tubes.