5.3.5 Recovering Keys


The Dean/Director (or Designee) is ultimately responsible for the recovery of keys issued under his/her jurisdiction. Extra or unused keys are to be returned to the FPM's Key Control Manager.

In the case of a student not returning keys, the Dean/Director can notify the Registrar's office to place a "Hold" on the student's record.

Rooms or areas controlled by unrecovered keys shall be reviewed immediately by the Dean/Director (or Designee), Public Safety and the Key Control Manager to determine the necessity of rekeying.




Dean/Director (Designee)

  1. Recover keys from personnel leaving Dean/Director's jurisdiction.

  2. Issue receipt for returned keys to former key holder.

  3. Send list of such personnel to Key Control Manager.

  4. Deliver returned key(s) to Key Control Manager, unless officially transferred.

  5. Review rooms or areas controlled by unrecovered keys with Public Safety and Key Control Manager to determine if rekeying is necessary.

Key Control Manager

  1. Identify individuals who have not returned keys.

  2. Notify the Dean/Director/Designee.

  3. Store all unassigned keys until reissuance.