4.1 Time Reporting and Manual Check Requests (Revised as of 8/5/16)


Non-Exempt employees are required to submit all hours worked each pay period, via Web Time Entry in Academica, in order to be compensated and Exempt employees are required to submit exception time (time taken off), via Web Time Entry in Academica, each pay period unless no time off has been taken. All hours are to be submitted (via Web Time Entry) by Monday, the week before payday. Hours submitted are then approved by the supervisor on Tuesday (next day) by 5pm. 

No university employee is exempt from the reporting of time taken off in accordance with established university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements or for unexcused absences of any sort.

4.1.1 Timesheets- Submitting a Paper Timesheet for Late or Corrected Time 

If the Web Time Entry record was not processed timely or accurately completed, either by the employee or the approver, then a late paper timesheet must be completed and submitted to the Payroll Office.  Instructions for the submission of late time sheets can be found at https://payroll.wayne.edu/forms

A paper timesheet should not be considered as a "back up" plan for not efficiently completing the process of Web Time Entry including entering employee hours under the appropriate earnings code through to the review and approval by the approver and/or superuser. Paper timesheets received for the current pay period will not be processed until the next pay period. A paper timesheet should be completed to record missed (unpaid) hours for hourly workers or unrecorded exception time such as late vacation hours.

Correction memorandums should be submitted for correction of hours reported (e.g. changing hours from one leave code to another).




Employee/Employing Unit

  1. Identify lost time, overtime, or hourly time that has not been recorded and/or paid.
  2. Prepare paper timesheet, following procedures found at https://payroll.wayne.edu/timesheet-corrections
  3. Enter Banner ID, Position Number, Suffix, Calendar Year, Circle Pay ID, Pay Number, Employee Name, E-Class, Time Sheet Org, and Department.
  4. If hourly employee: Circle LCW for College Work Study or LRH for Student Assistant, Temporary Employee (formerly Technician) or Instructional Assistant. Record hours worked each day in this column.
  5. Under Earnings Code columns: Record the date for each day of the week in the applicable service period and record appropriate hours.
  6. Calculate total hours to be paid.
  7. Verify Time/Labor Distribution Index.
  8. Sign timesheet (employee and supervisor or department designee)
  9. Note: Timesheets are submitted to the Payroll Office by 12 noon on Tuesday of the week after the last payday for processing on the next pay date
  10. Obtain all required signatures.

4.1.2 Overtime

All overtime worked by non-academic, nonexempt employees who are eligible for paid overtime due to collective bargaining agreements, Fair Labor Standards Act or university internal policy, must be reported to Payroll via Web Time Entry in Academica

The work week is defined as Monday through Sunday for overtime purposes.





  1. Complete timesheet.
  2. Submit to supervisor.

Supervisor or WTE Approver

  1. Verify eligibility for overtime payment.
  2. Verify accuracy of data on WTE and approve accordingly.

4.1.3 Manual Check Requests for New Employees

In the event a new employee was not paid on pay day due to not having an active assignment in Banner at the time of processing, they can receive a manual check and not have to wait until the subsequent pay period to be paid. 




Employing Unit

  1. For a new employee who was not paid on pay day due to not having an active assignment in Banner at the time of Payroll Processing, complete the Manual Check Request for New Employee form and submit to Payroll for processing.
  2. Inform employee of estimated timeframe for check issuance.

For non-exempt (hourly) employees:

  1. Complete a late paper timesheet and attach it to the Manual Check Request for New Employee form.
  2. Forward to Payroll for processing.

For non-exempt (salaried) employees:

  1. Complete the Manual Check Request for New Employee form
  2. Forward to Payroll for processing no later than 4pm on Monday of payroll processing week (week before pay day). 

Note: Requests received after 4pm Monday of processing week will not be issued as a manual check, rather will be included as back pay on the regularly scheduled pay day.

All forms mentioned above can be found on the Payroll website at payroll.wayne.edu/administrative.


This policy applies to all WSU employees.