8.1.4 Procurement of Unrevised Forms


All requests to reprint unrevised university forms from an outside vendor must have prior written approval from the Forms Specialist of the University Information System. Also, reprints of centrally-funded forms through University Printing Services, Inc. must be reviewed by the Forms Specialist prior to printing.




Form's Storage Location (excluding Central Stores and Computing and

Information Technology)

  1. Reorder form allowing sufficient leadtime (see APPM section 8.1.1, Leadtime for Ordering Forms) to acquire the forms before the inventory is depleted.

  2. 2. Complete a Purchase Requisition (PR), form 107B,or a duplicating workder from University Printing Services, Inc.

  3. Attach 5 current samples of the form to the requisition document.

  4. Send samples and requisitioning document to Forms Specialist.

Forms Specialist

  1. If form requires modification to conform to university standards, policies and procedures, follow the same procedures used for procuring new/revised forms.

  2. Complete Form Specifications, form 197.

  3. For a centrally-funded (universal) form, complete PR.

  4. Send 3 form samples, form 197, and PR to Purchasing for printed forms or to the University Printing Services, Inc.

University Printing Services, Inc (internally- reproduced forms)

  1. Produce forms requested..

  2. Forward stock to requested delivery point by required delivery date.

  3. Send 10 samples of form to Forms Specialist.

Purchasing (externally-reproduced forms)

  1. Process PR.

  2. Distribute copies of Purchase Order (PO), form 110A.

  3. If Forms Specialist is not the requisitioner, forward a photocopy of the PO to the Forms Specialist.

Forms Receiving Location

  1. Receive printed forms from vendor.

  2. Send photocopy of Receiving copy of PO or Receiving Report form 119,to Forms Specialist with 2 samples of form

Forms Specialist

  1. Perform quality assurance.

  2. If there is a problem with the form, coordinate its resolution and request cost adjustment with the vendor and Purchasing if applicable