8.1.3 Procurement of New Revised Forms


All requests to purchase proposed or revised university forms, either from an outside vendor or from the university's printing facility, must have prior written approval from the Forms Specialist of the University Information System. All forms used at the university are identified by the Forms Specialist who assigns a form number.


Form Sketch

A rough drawing prepared by the requesting department representing the general layout of a form and its informational content.

Final Draft

The layout and context of the form approved by the responsible department(s) prior to composition.

Form Specifications

Production requirements of the form, quantities, and delivery dates.

Form Proof

Artwork produced by the vendor depicting the exact layout of a form.

Responsible Department(s)

The department(s) responsible for the design and accuracy of a form.

Departmental Approval

The signature(s) of the head of the responsible department(s) on the proof indicating that the form meets the requirements of that department.

Composition Error

The artwork differs from the final draft submitted to the vendor. The errors are made by the vendor when typesetting and/or keylining the form.

NOTE: Only composition errors are corrected by the vendor without additional charge. Any customer changes to the form after a proof is received increases the cost of procurement.





  1. Determine need for a form to fit a particular purpose.

  2. Develop form sketch, containing all information desired on form.

  3. Complete Form Study Request, form 198.

  4. Send form 198 and form sketch to the Forms Specialist with sufficient leadtime to process the request and to acquire the form by required delivery date (see APPM section 8.1.1, Leadtime for Ordering Forms).

Forms Specialist

  1. Review proposed form for possible incorporation into existing form(s).

  2. Review request with department head of requesting unit, then approve or reject request.

  3. Assign number to new form, if required.

  4. Return copy of form 198 with assigned form number to Department for reference.

  5. Design final draft of form.

  6. Return final draft with approval memo to Department for approval by department manager/director.


  1. Obtain approval of form layout.

  2. If request is not for a centrally-funded (universal) form, complete a Purchase Requisition (PR), form 107B.

  3. Return approval memo and appropriate requisition document to the Forms Specialist.

Forms Specialist

  1. Complete Form Specifications, form 197.

  2. If centrally-funded (universal) form, prepare PR.

  3. Send final draft, requisitioning documentation and remaining copies of form 197 to Purchasing.


  1. Process PR.

  2. Send copy of PR, form 107B,to Forms Specialist.

  3. Process Purchase Order (PO), form 110A.

  4. Send copy of PO to Forms Specialist.

Forms Specialist

  1. Review form proof for accuracy.

  2. Forward proof to responsible department for departmental approval.

NOTE: Only composition errors are corrected on proofs, unless requesting department authorizes payment of any additional costs due to user requested changes.


  1. Obtain approval from Manager/Director.

NOTE: The responsible department has ultimate proofreading responsibility. Once an approved proof is received and the form is printed, any errors are corrected at the next reprint.

  1. Send proof to Forms Specialist.

Forms Specialist

  1. Notify vendor to print the form per proof approval.

  2. Verify delivery date.

Forms Receiving Location

  1. Receive printed forms from vendor.

  2. Send photocopy of Receiving copy of PO or Receiving Report, form 119, and 2 samples of form to Forms Specialist.

Forms Specialist

  1. Perform quality assurance.

  2. If a problem with quality of product, coordinate its resolution and request cost adjustment with the vendor and Purchasing if applicable.