8.1.2 Centrally-Funded Forms


Forms are needed at W.S.U. to promote the smooth operation of the university's administrative systems. Some forms are used internally within a department while others have university-wide or universal application.  Forms which support an administrative system and have universal application are purchased from the centrally-funded forms account and are identified in the Forms Catalog (see APPM section 8.1.7, Form Catalog) by the pound symbol #.



Any piece of paper or similar material with a pre-printed, non-varying design, upon which data may be added, extracted or transmitted.

Departmental Form

A form used within a department to conduct its internal operations only. This form is charged to that department's budget.

Centrally-Funded (universal) Form

A form necessary for the university's administrative systems. Such a form has university-wide application and is purchased from a centrally-funded forms account for which permanent funding has been arranged.

Form Number

The number assigned to all forms at W.S.U. for purposes of identification. This number consists of a primary number of up to 4 digits.  A suffix consisting of 2 alpha/numeric characters is possible.

NOTE: Some older forms which have not been revised may contain a prefix of "10" in the form number. The prefix is dropped when the form is revised.


The period between the request to print a form and the delivery of the printed form. (See APPM section 8.1.1, Leadtime for Ordering Forms.)


The additional fee charged by a printing vendor above normal printing industry costs. Some examples are:

  1. Changes to artwork.

  2. A RUSH fee to meet a delivery date which does not allow normal production and delivery scheduling.


Only forms identified as centrally-funded in APPM section 8.1.7, Forms Catalog, are procured through the forms account.

To add a form to this account for procurement, the originating department must acquire written approval from the Vice President for Computing and Information Technology. In addition, funds must be provided to the annual forms account budget to purchase such a form. Otherwise, the form is purchased from the originating department's funds.

A surcharge to the procurement cost of centrally-funded forms is the responsibility of the department creating the additional cost, excluding Computing and Information Technology and Central Stores. Unless payment of such a surcharge is authorized by the department via an IRB (see APPM section 1.4, Internal Billing), changes in delivery date, composition or other factors which affect the cost of centrally- funded forms are not permitted.

If a form is revised when it is reordered, the additional cost is absorbed by the central forms account. However, if a centrally-funded form is revised by a department before the reorder point is reached, the cost is the responsibility of the department initiating the change.