6.4.1 Equipment Relocated within University


A department may transfer equipment to a new location within its own department or between departments. Equipment funded from external sponsors may be transferred from one project to another if they are currently not in use and could be used on another sponsored research project. Such transfers typically occur as a result of the pre-acquisition screening process or continuation of an award.  




Department/Transferring Party

  1. Send request to relocate equipment to Dean or his/her designee for approval.
  2. Complete an Asset Activity Transmittal form indicating the change in location along with the approval of Dean as authorization to update the central fixed assets records. Submit completed form to PMO.
  3. Retain a copy of the applicable form.

Dean or his/her Designee

  1. Assess the appropriateness of the proposed equipment transfer.
  2. Approve or deny transfer request and return to Department for resulting action.